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Oprah Winfrey spent a day visiting Hasidic communities in Brooklyn, NY. At the end of the day,'s own Rabbi Motti Seligson interviewed Winfrey about her experiences.

Oprah's Visit to Hasidic Brooklyn

Oprah's Visit to Hasidic Brooklyn

A Jewish.TV Exclusive Interview


Oprah's Visit to Hasidic Brooklyn: A Jewish.TV Exclusive Interview

Oprah Winfrey spent a day visiting Hasidic communities in Brooklyn, NY. At the end of the day,'s own Rabbi Motti Seligson interviewed Winfrey about her experiences.
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Dani Brooklyn N.Y. May 7, 2014

I am inspired!!!! I am a religious Jew and I always believed that the Chasidic community always had a different outlook in life. These Jews are very special people even when their walking down the street, I feel a sense of inspiration that just touches my soul. One of the many things that I find amazing about the Chasidim is that no matter where they are, they are not ashamed to show their true yiddishkeit and their love for Hashem. This clip about Oprah interviewing the Chasidim, proved that what I believed was true. Reply

Prof. Yoshua Hephzibah Mexico City, DF September 11, 2012

Very Positive & Reflexive I like when the rabbi asks what she thought about non-traditional jews or others interested in Judiasm. Many people are interested and led to Judiasm, but the Communities ae so closed, and do not want to share this rich culture! It hurts, its another form of racisim. So, if you are guilty of excluding others from Judiasm, just change! Invite someone to visit YOUR Synagoge! Reply

James l. Kansas City, Kansas -usa August 30, 2012

Oprah I am not a Tv watcher, nor do I have a television, but this is good! Reply

Anonymous pittsburgh, Pa March 14, 2012

this video amazing and inspireing Reply

Thomas GB South Bend via February 17, 2012

Oprah speaks? RE: Keep in mind that Oprah often says what she wants people to hear.

Unfortunately I think that is true. Reply

Nechama S. New York, NY February 17, 2012

Halivai! I am a frum professor of freshman composition at the City University. I had seen some clips of the first part of the interview and then saw the second part in its entirety. I was impressed by the overall execution of the project, both by the producers as well as by the family that was portrayed. The day after the second part aired, I randomly assigned my class an essay on how internet technology has transformed our 21st century lives. An African American (non-Jewish) student approached me after class and mentioned that she had seen Oprah's interview and was intrigued by how Chassidim in the modern world could survive without TV and the internet. She wanted to write a persuasive essay defending their position and thought that her research might lead her to break her own addiction to technology. Particularly in light of the media's usual portrayal of Chassidim as backward, uneducated, and chauvinistic, it's clear that this show has had a positive impact. Halivai! Reply

Lucy Portland , Oregon February 16, 2012

Oprah Interview I am a non-jewish person who is searching for G-d at the deepest level, for a pure faith, and for consolation. I am seeking, on my own, the Jewish faith and traditions. I was very pleased that Oprah was alllowed to open a window into the lives of a very private people who exemplify a profound and moving faith life. Thank you for giving her this opportunity. I am much blessed. Reply

Mike Bmo, MD February 16, 2012

Race v Religion Thanx @ Anonymous,

Thanx for responding to this question, it may appear selfish, it is. I know little of Judaism. But, a lot of fear and misinformation leads me to explore answers for myself. Thanx again for this information. Reply

Anonymous USA via February 15, 2012

Re: Michael Love question There are Hasidic jews who are black. There is no racial issue for religious Jews. Issues of integration in marriage are a religious issue. Reply

Lisa Miami, FL February 14, 2012

Oprah IS a chassid I have watched Oprah for years and I have always thought that she embodied the values of Chassidus--to constantly work to refine yourself and to take action to make this world a better place. She may not be born a Jew, but she has a yiddishe kup and amazing neshama. Reply

Andrea Rochelle Phelps Seminoile, FLORIDA February 14, 2012

Soliel yes I am a college educated teacher with a MA so I am well aware that Judaism isn't a proselytizing religion and I wasn't referring to Jews going out to find new Jews (converts) I think there are people whose spiritual paths may have started out on one road but ended up going another direction...this happened to me and I know others who had it happen to them and there are so few orthodox shuls to do the conversions but there is usually a Chabad center everywhere...those centers could be put to better use if only Chabad rabbis would do conversions..they won't do it and that is bad Reply

Miss Rubertha Blackman February 14, 2012

I stop watching Oprah a long time ago. She is just to superficial for me. She seems to seek approval and love from all people. This is not possible, she does not take any definitive stand for anything. How ever it was a nice fluffy interview. Reply

Bernhardt Toronto, Canada February 14, 2012

Oprah's Chassidic awakening Don't even bother . There's always going to be a harry lax cynic wherever and whatever one does. Let's just hope there are more of us then of him. I happen to catch both shows and Oprah> "Yashah Koaech "to you . Your a "Mench " and a " Gutte Nashuma "for bringing this to your audience . Reply

Sandy oxnard, ca February 14, 2012

Great Program, Oprah I grew up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn - so I really enjoyed this program. I'm a conservative Jew who knew nothing about Hasidic Jews until 8 yrs ago when I joined Chabad of Oxnard (California). Jews are finally getting good press - which they totally deserve. Did you hear Oprah point out the very low crime rate in the Hasidic community? There aren't many areas to walk thru day or night and feel safe - and you don't even have to be Jewish. Oprah - thanks for making Jews and non-Jews more aware of my people - who I am so proud of. The children of the Hasidim are well behaved, very intelligent (smart genes), will be productive and successful and they are so loved by their families and friends. What so bad about that? Reply

Irene Tunkel Coconut CreekFl., USA February 14, 2012

I think what is important to know is that the children of Modern Orthodox Judaism are aware of what is going on in the world. They do not live isolated. They read newspapers and some actually watch supervised TV. I am very proud of my four grandchildren and eight greatgrandchildren living in Issrael. Reply

Lisa Aubert Long Beach, CA February 14, 2012

interview with an american idol As much as I admired Oprah, clearly she has no real understanding that there shall be no other gods to worship including the televison, mickey mouse, shrek, beyonce, jay-z and even herself and the entire media system. We are all G-d's creation and He gives us good things to enjoy but not to become idols in our lives.
Obviously the people she visited and interviewed have revelation into that while she doesn't have a clue. How could she? How much time has she really put into seeking, understanding and functioning into the ways of G-d? As a non-Jew studying Judaism, I have come to truly appreciate and value such knowledge and insights and I thirst and hunger for more everyday of my life. I can only speak for myself on how my life has been elevated yet I'm weary of sharing it with others because indeed, every individual needs to develop their own personal relationship with G-d and that includes the beloved Oprah. Reply

Anonymous Canada, Montreal February 14, 2012

Oprah Enjoyed the interview with Oprah and the Rabbi.. Keep in mind that Oprah often says what she wants people to hear...Very interesting... Reply

elleblue Vancouver, Canada February 13, 2012

Loved the Show While I am Catholic what impressed me most was the acknowledged need for ritual and symbols all through the day to remind us of God's wonderful presence and love in our lives.

Thank You! Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, Ny via February 13, 2012

Oprah n chabad you rock For all you Jews out there, pay close attention, stop being arrogant, and a little more down to earth. These are your roots, the foundation, the Torah, kiddush Hashem, chessed, self sacrifice, etc......NOBODY, but NOBODY, does it better than CHABAD ! All around the globe, they are always there for everyone, and they never ask for anything in return, that's an inspiration ! They love every Jew regardless their background, and giving is loving, they give nonstop !!! I obviously speak from personal experience..... Every one else Im familiar w had only good experiences w CHABAD . Oprah has good intentions, she seemed sincere. This could only be in our benefit. Right on CHABAD and Oprah, you rock ! Reply

Michael Love Baltimore, Maryland February 13, 2012

Oprah Interview Just curious, how do Hasidic Jews view integration of races? I know that many cultures and religions are vehemently opposed to any notion. Reply

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