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Oprah Winfrey spent a day visiting Hasidic communities in Brooklyn, NY. At the end of the day,'s own Rabbi Motti Seligson interviewed Winfrey about her experiences.

Oprah's Visit to Hasidic Brooklyn

Oprah's Visit to Hasidic Brooklyn

A Jewish.TV Exclusive Interview


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Discussion (41)
May 7, 2014
I am inspired!!!!
I am a religious Jew and I always believed that the Chasidic community always had a different outlook in life. These Jews are very special people even when their walking down the street, I feel a sense of inspiration that just touches my soul. One of the many things that I find amazing about the Chasidim is that no matter where they are, they are not ashamed to show their true yiddishkeit and their love for Hashem. This clip about Oprah interviewing the Chasidim, proved that what I believed was true.
Brooklyn N.Y.
September 11, 2012
Very Positive & Reflexive
I like when the rabbi asks what she thought about non-traditional jews or others interested in Judiasm. Many people are interested and led to Judiasm, but the Communities ae so closed, and do not want to share this rich culture! It hurts, its another form of racisim. So, if you are guilty of excluding others from Judiasm, just change! Invite someone to visit YOUR Synagoge!
Prof. Yoshua Hephzibah
Mexico City, DF
August 30, 2012
I am not a Tv watcher, nor do I have a television, but this is good!
James l.
Kansas City, Kansas -usa
March 14, 2012
this video
amazing and inspireing
pittsburgh, Pa
February 17, 2012
Oprah speaks?
RE: Keep in mind that Oprah often says what she wants people to hear.

Unfortunately I think that is true.
Thomas GB
South Bend
February 17, 2012
I am a frum professor of freshman composition at the City University. I had seen some clips of the first part of the interview and then saw the second part in its entirety. I was impressed by the overall execution of the project, both by the producers as well as by the family that was portrayed. The day after the second part aired, I randomly assigned my class an essay on how internet technology has transformed our 21st century lives. An African American (non-Jewish) student approached me after class and mentioned that she had seen Oprah's interview and was intrigued by how Chassidim in the modern world could survive without TV and the internet. She wanted to write a persuasive essay defending their position and thought that her research might lead her to break her own addiction to technology. Particularly in light of the media's usual portrayal of Chassidim as backward, uneducated, and chauvinistic, it's clear that this show has had a positive impact. Halivai!
Nechama S.
New York, NY
February 16, 2012
Oprah Interview
I am a non-jewish person who is searching for G-d at the deepest level, for a pure faith, and for consolation. I am seeking, on my own, the Jewish faith and traditions. I was very pleased that Oprah was alllowed to open a window into the lives of a very private people who exemplify a profound and moving faith life. Thank you for giving her this opportunity. I am much blessed.
Portland , Oregon
February 16, 2012
Race v Religion Thanx
@ Anonymous,

Thanx for responding to this question, it may appear selfish, it is. I know little of Judaism. But, a lot of fear and misinformation leads me to explore answers for myself. Thanx again for this information.
Bmo, MD
February 15, 2012
Re: Michael Love question
There are Hasidic jews who are black. There is no racial issue for religious Jews. Issues of integration in marriage are a religious issue.
February 14, 2012
Oprah IS a chassid
I have watched Oprah for years and I have always thought that she embodied the values of Chassidus--to constantly work to refine yourself and to take action to make this world a better place. She may not be born a Jew, but she has a yiddishe kup and amazing neshama.
Miami, FL
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