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The Torah tells us (Exodus 7:7) "Moses was 80 years old... when he spoke to Pharaoh." The number 80 is represented in Hebrew by the letter "pei" which hints to the word "peh" meaning "mouth." It was at this age that Moses confronted Pharaoh--the letters of whose name spell "peh rah" or "mouth of evil."

Moses and Pharaoh, Good and Bad Speech

Moses and Pharaoh, Good and Bad Speech

Parsha Va'eira

Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin is the official Chabad emissary to downtown Brooklyn, rabbi of Congregation B’nai Avraham in Brooklyn Heights, New York and Dean of Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy. He is the author of the books “Thank You God for Making Me a Woman", "Letters of Light", "By Divine Design", and "Guardian of Israel", and the co-author of "The Rabbi & The CEO".
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Dovid Klein Chicago, IL February 7, 2012

Rabbi Aron Raskin is a superb speaker and he truly fulfills the
concept of words that go out of the heart (of the speaker) enter into the hear
(of the listener). Rabbi Raskin really has a great wisdom in G-d's Holy Torah
and it is very clear from his speaking that he has a true inner desire to give
the benefit of his wisdom to other people who stand to greatly benefit from
his wisdom. Reply

L Suitland, MD January 19, 2012

Yes - Now the whole body is active.
One cannot speak as though he is the only One, but Know that the One is the All and the all are as One = Oneness

The Child is born into a Whole New World. Reply

Mr. Jorge Munuzuri January 18, 2012

Very beautiful words, and a very rewarding advice about our personal speaking. Better to meditate before speaking in order not to say something we have to repent for later: better to imitate Moshe Rabbeinu instead of imitate Pharaoh. Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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