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The catalyst for any awakening is action. Transformation begins as soon as we are ready to take the first step in the right direction.

When You Feel Powerless

When You Feel Powerless

A Taste of Text—Bo


When You Feel Powerless: A Taste of Text—Bo

The catalyst for any awakening is action. Transformation begins as soon as we are ready to take the first step in the right direction.
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Action; Deed, Bo
Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.
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Anonymous November 10, 2013

Great Talk! Amazing post. Thank you! :) Reply

Anon Beverly Hills, USA January 24, 2012

Anonymous Johannesburg G-d has done a lot for me, so as receipient of G-d's many kind acts, I will advice you at this time, to give that which you want to receive, that thy way may be soon opened. What I mean is take of the little you have and help someone deserving, even if its only a little help (like contibuting what you can to chabad) and pray to G-d (non stop) over that sacrifice asking Him to look at your sacrifice and to have mercy on you and open they way for sufficiency. It might take a while, but keep to his words and I believe G-d will show you the way, he has done so for me VERY MANY times. G-d is faithful to those who are faithful to keep his word as much as they understand to. Reply

Anonymous Beverly Hills, USA January 24, 2012

When you feel powerles I have learnt that Hashem usually gives his children pleasing alternatives. This is a lesson to parents, to learn to give their children pleasing alternatives if they disallow anything their children my aspire for. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma January 24, 2012

the fly on the screen is actually attracted to the Light.

It's true we're creatures of habit, and when we look at how people seat themselves, we see, in a class, that people most frequently go to the same seats. One less thing to consider.

In some cases we do feel powerless, to change what we're given, as in people who try their best to overcome serious cancers, people who are dying in the midst of a famine.

It does happen, and I think the biggest lesson is surely to surrender at times, as it is said, even in AAA to a "higher power". It seems to work to acknowledge we're not in control of our destinies, but the paradox is that we all must ACT as if we are, and we should pursue what our hearts to tell us. Sometimes it's a winding road, to find ourselves, and it's very true that so many of us, perhaps all, spend a time in the desert, meaning feeling utterly abandoned by G_d, and without purpose.

Sometimes time spent in inaction leads towards action, as there is something too in reaching into the void. Reply

Anonymous bro, sweden January 23, 2012

thank you thank you for this lesson, in life even when
we feel powerless G-d can help and we can trust G-d. Reply

Anonymous Den Bosch, Netherlands January 23, 2012

When You Feel Powerless Dear Chana Weisberg

Thank You so verry much for this Morning' Class,just what I needed Today! I have Your This Sereies - for a while now, and always feel Inspred and Encouraged,Enlightened etc afterwards. But today This Class Will Help Me Extra! I is nice (Living by myself -turned 56)) to feel so welcome in Your Group. Let Us say that we are (Even thjough The Horrid Weather) Rosebuds that are going to be Unfolded Soon in Beatififull Roses , through Light and Warmth transforming the Earth and shining the Light of the Unfolded Rose towards The World. Love to All of You Katinka Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA January 22, 2012

Bo Amazing Chana Weisberg! What a beautiful perspective to look at the path our Maker has given us. Beautiful teaching.
I am looking for that key within me now. Somehow I knew that there was a way. Now all I need to do is just look into it.
I had a dream last night where I saw myself cleaning this marble floor. At first I did not know what the floor was made of until I started to wash, and wash on my knees, and then to discover how beautiful this floor was, and shining.
When I walked up, I thought about this dream for a moment to realize that the floor represents the foundation. There was a beautiful foundation under the debris and dirt of this home. And now with your study, at your table, I come to the realization of what that foundation meant. It was my ancestry from the Sephardim, Torah and its way of life. Hashem, Blessed be He, is such a wonderful G-d, Father, and Redeemer of His people. His words, are an enlightening love for all of His children. Thank you. Reply

Alethea Loree Margate, FL January 22, 2012

Subject of the line of Judah (Jews) All the tribes (12 tribes) left Eqypt just not the tribe of Judah (Jews) -. which was the southern nation. The 10 tribes broke away from Soloman's son Rehoboam and made up the northern nation of Israel. - My Torah reads the children of Israel which as understand is all the tribes left Eqypt. Can you please advise? Reply

Anonymous Johannesburg, South Africa. January 18, 2012

WHEN YOU FEEL POWERLESS I have been looking for a job and due to my
age, people think I am too old. So I pray and ask Hashem to help me find one. I am the only bread winner in the family and wake up in a state in the morning. I know I can still work, but these companies, are not interested. So I cannot wait to see what
Chana has to say about this. Maybe an answer will be provided to me. I have faith in Hashem, But people do not listen to him. Look at the sin on this earth, does this not confirm what I am saying? Reply

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