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"Yemin Hashem"

"Yemin Hashem"


"Yemin Hashem"

Boris Savchuk, an acclaimed violinist, is an Israeli artist known for playing traditional Jewish folk music rooted in Eastern European culture.
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Peninah Houston July 7, 2014

Is this piece a nigun?It touched my soul so deeply I cried.I love classical music in largo but the Jewish combination of instruments gives the music a very different flavor.There is music that makes you really think and feel close to HaShem. Thank you Mr.Boris and Chabad for this lovely piece. Reply

Paul September 25, 2013

This is the excellent performance of inspirational Jewish melody Reply

kenneth Smith Denison, tx,u.s.a. January 30, 2012

So very beautiful Boris Savchuk, what a genius i wish i could put his wonderful music on our web site home page. "Yemin Hashem" this music touch my very soul and lifted my spirit.
I try to tell our readers about the gift from G-d the Jewish people and how our G-d gave to them an everlasting priesthood, and all the righteous from all lands should seek their knowledge of G-d by learning from the Jewish Rabbis.
I wonder if it is possible to obtain this music for this purpose.
I have spent twenty years trying to tell non-Jews to turn to the one true G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and help Israel build the Eternal Third Temple.Only the Jewish people with the help of the righteous can bring peace to our world, I fear it is a fact that we have come to the end of mans ability to deal with the worlds problems, and a great change is coming soon, we need G-d now more then ever. Reply

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