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The name Chanukah itself contains many hints to the deeper meaning of the festival.

What Does the Name "Chanukah" Mean?

What Does the Name "Chanukah" Mean?

Letters and Numbers of the Festivals—Chanukah


What Does the Name "Chanukah" Mean?: Letters and Numbers of the Festivals—Chanukah

The name Chanukah itself contains many hints to the deeper meaning of the festival.
Chanukah 1
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Chanukah, Festivals
Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin is the official Chabad emissary to downtown Brooklyn, rabbi of Congregation B’nai Avraham in Brooklyn Heights, New York and Dean of Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy. He is the author of the books “Thank You God for Making Me a Woman", "Letters of Light", "By Divine Design", and "Guardian of Israel", and the co-author of "The Rabbi & The CEO".
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Rabbi Aaron Raskin Brooklyn hts December 14, 2017

Great insight Thank you Brenda,

Your insights definitely compliment the ideas shared in this video Reply

Brenda Tawil Jerusalem December 14, 2017

Dear Rabbi Raskin:

You did not note the following about the 3 parts of the chet

24 Kislev = 2 + 4 = 6 = Vav

25 Kislev = 2 + 5 = 7 = Zayin

26 Kislev = 2 + 6 = 8 = Chet, 8 days Chanukah, etc.


Irene Glen Burnie, MD USA October 7, 2012

Meaning of Chanukah Blessings to you Rabbi for sharing this teaching. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA December 21, 2011

What Does the Name Chanukah Means By what the letters, the names, and the meaning of it all, everything that have happened was supposed to be that way, it seems. Blessed be the Precious Name of the Holy One. May Hashem blelss my brothers and sisters all over the world, and bring back those who are living in darkness without the knowledge of Torah.
Thank you Rabbi Raskin for your teachings. Happy Chanukah! Reply

Sherri Venokur Brooklyn, NY December 21, 2011

Chanukah shiur Dear Rabbi Raskin. Thank you for your beautiful talk on the three miracles of Chanukah. I especially appreciate your comment on the daily miracles within nature that we tend to forget. May your light grow and grow. Sherri Reply

Lanji Stevan Subotica, Serbia December 19, 2011

Happi Chanukah Reply

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