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We hear of the miracles that great people’s prayers can accomplish. But is prayer also for us regular folk?

A Call to the Infinite

A Call to the Infinite

A Taste of Text—Vayeira


A Call to the Infinite: A Taste of Text—Vayeira

We hear of the miracles that great people’s prayers can accomplish. But is prayer also for us regular folk?
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Ishmael, Prayer, Vayeira
Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.
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Elisabeth Soros Calgary December 28, 2014

Chana Weisber, Prayer Yes, "Yes, G-is always there for you" as you have said. I do believe that beside our Siddur Prayers we always must have our personal prayers. I have had many "miracles"
in my life time in many hard situation. When I have had of my fifth pregnancy with my last daughter I have had to stand front of 12 Clinical Doctors that I do must have abortion for many medical situation. I did go home shaking and had a very deep prayer
to HaShem. In the same night I have had a special dream what is given for me a special clear answer. It is not possible to explain here. I have put my life and my baby-s Life into HaSem's hand with full trust with all my being. Second morning I have called the Hospital and cancelled the abortion. Everybody around me been worry. But I have been the most content and happy while I have felt G-s presents! I have got my fifth baby for six and half Month, I have had dead's experience/ Thank You HaShem!/. My daughter is a teacher with Masters and PHD. Reply

Anonymous November 9, 2013

Incredible! This talk is incredible and amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it :) Reply

Catherine NY, NY November 11, 2011

Coffee and cake I wish I could be part of your group. There is no one in my neighborhood that had the depth of knowledge as you have or opens her home to this kind of study. Listening is great, but discussing it together would be wonderful. Reply

Anonymous November 10, 2011

Best part for me was that you mentioned how G-d asks us for our perspective. I've been walking humbly with G-d and figured that it was a one way conversation. That was good enough, just having the pipeline asking " Why this or why that Hakodesh Borachu ? " Or making comments to Him. " I thought that it was all rhetorical. Now i had better do some listening. You see, i was given the distinct impression that G-d lknows all. Maybe he does, but he still wants to hear from our perspective. He wants to know what we see. Even if He knows what we see, it still provides a method for us to see ourselves, to see what G-d and His Toarh reveal in us, and to us. This is not an exercise in navel gazing. It is an exercise to do our best. Prayer is one such time and place to have this chat. For example, we pray with our mind on Hashem. Sometimes were are remiss in this. Most times we probably are not remiss.

Thanks for this important perspective. Reply

Anonymous November 7, 2011

A Call to the Infinite I can see from this study that Hashem, Blessed be His Name, when we call upon HIs Name, no matter in what situation, or behavior, knowing our past and our future, He takes care of us at that moment. Like saying, I know how you will respond in the future too, but this moment is what is important. He gives us a chance, once more, in His Infinite Mercy, to change our behavior. Like He said to Cain, "when sin comes crouching at your door you can controll it." He, Blessed be His Name, is always willing to help us in that process. Reply

Each 20-minute video class uses a text from the weekly Torah portion to convey a contemporary insight on leading a more enriched life. Source sheets are included to help students follow along and gain a "taste" of the actual texts studied.
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