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Torah Gems - The Book of Ruth (Midrash)

Torah Gems - The Book of Ruth (Midrash)


Torah Gems - The Book of Ruth (Midrash)

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Rabbi Elimelech Silberberg (Speaker) West Bloomfield, MI May 10, 2010

Elimelech The fact that his family was punished so severely with the deaths of Elimelech and his two sons suggests otherwise. Reply

Tamar May 10, 2010

Elimelech I have always preferred the message (and this one should make you personally feel better because of your name!) - that Elimelech left because he couldn't bear the notion of having eventually to say 'no' to people who came knocking on his door when he ran out of funds. In other words it was his kindheartedness that made him leave - although that doesn't completely exonerate him from demoralizing the people by a leader leaving. Reply

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