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In this final class of the series, we learn about the powerful symbolism of the “Well of Miriam”—a lifegiving spring of water that followed the Jewish people in the wilderness in the merit of Miriam.

Miriam, Mother of Rebellion

Miriam, Mother of Rebellion

Lesson 5: Miriam’s Eternal Legacy


Miriam, Mother of Rebellion - Part 5: Lesson 5: Miriam’s Eternal Legacy

In this final class of the series, we learn about the powerful symbolism of the “Well of Miriam”—a lifegiving spring of water that followed the Jewish people in the wilderness in the merit of Miriam.
Further Discussion p.19-20, V. Miriam's Eternal Legacy--Commentaries p.18, V. Miriam's Eternal Legacy--Text p.17
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Beshalach, Shemot, Miriam, Well of Miriam, Water

In the merit of Miriam, a thirst-quenching well accompanied the Jewish people throughout their journeys in the wilderness.

Miriam’s association with the waters of the well can perhaps be understood by exploring the spiritual significance of water.

Water is tasteless, scentless and colorless. But it is also the basic requisite of life. On a spiritual level, water represents the unadorned, yet fundamental and crucial, acceptance of G‑d’s will.

Within the deep bitterness of the Egyptian exile, Miriam intuitively understood the simple truth—that our relationship with G‑d is not dependent on our circumstances, personal likes or logical comprehension. The message of Miriam’s life, as reflected in the miraculous well, contains an eternal message.

Our relationship with G‑d is not only for the good times in our lives, when we discern personal gain, growth or gratification.

Our connection to G‑d can surface even in the depths of the Egyptian exile, in the depths of our personal darkness and incomprehension.

Because, as basic and crucial as water for our survival, this too is a relationship that touches the very core of our being—the very essence of who and what we are.

Selected Prose on Connecting to G‑d
Who needs G‑d?

Ideas for Discussion
Miriam’s eternal lesson to us: you can rebel against the bitterness and create a brighter reality.
Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.
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Chana Europe, Europe August 22, 2011

Miriam,Mother of rebelion. HI,
Thank you for beautiful lesson! The women are great teachers and it's very nice to see live lessons with woman teacher on chabad org. I "grew up" on my teacher's (rebetzin) lessons and i must say that those lessons changed my life. Today i am 100% (i try) observant jew.

Anonymous Fall River, MA August 14, 2011

Miriam, Mother of Rebellion Chana Weisberg related a supposed incident involving a concert in Lincoln Center, November 18, 1995, featuring Yitzchok Perlman where one of his violin strings snapped while he was playing. And it goes on to praise him for playing magnificently with only three strings. It's a very nice and moving story, were it true, but it turns out to be false. I used it as part of a sermon, thinking it to be true, but later discovered to my chagrin that it was made up. Unfortunately, much of what one reads and sees on the Internet is fabricated and unreliable. If you check Snopes, the fictitious account of this story will be verified. I couldn't help but wonder if a false story is put out as a reality that supposedly occurred in 1995, how much more so is the possibility that many Bible stories purported to have happened really didn't? It give one food for thought. Obviously, some people will be angered by the thought of even questioning it. Nevertheless, one cannot help but wonder. Reply

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