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How Miriam overcame darkness and found the power to be joyful, as well as to bring joy to others.

Miriam, Mother of Rebellion

Miriam, Mother of Rebellion

Lesson 4: Miriam’s Song


Miriam, Mother of Rebellion - Part 4: Lesson 4: Miriam’s Song

How Miriam overcame darkness and found the power to be joyful, as well as to bring joy to others.
IV. Miriam's Song--Commentaries p.15-16, IV. Miriam's Song--Text p.14
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Beshalach, Shemot, Miriam, Joy; Happiness, Song at the Sea

The Jewish people marched triumphantly out of Egypt. Finally, after hundreds of years in exile, their enemies had been utterly thwarted and the Jewish people’s ordeal in Egypt was over! Their servitude had come to an end, and their redemption was palpable.

Standing at the shores of the Red Sea, the Jewish people began to sing Shirat Hayam, a song expressing their ecstatic gratitude and thanksgiving to G‑d.

Moses and the men sang their song. And then, Miriam and the women rose to sing their song.

What was the women’s contribution to the singing? Why did Miriam and the women’s singing surpass the men’s song?

The men sang with their voices. But the women’s song was composed with voice, tambourines and dance. The women’s hearts were full of a greater joy, and their song was more comprehensive.

“The righteous women of that generation were confident that the Holy One, Blessed be He, would perform miracles for them, so they prepared tambourines and dances.”

As bitter as their lives had become in Egypt, their faith in their redemption grew stronger.

This was the strength of the women who left Egypt, equipped with tambourines and dances of joy and faith.

The women found meri, Miriam’s spirit of rebellion: a feminine strength borne from bitterness, a faith sewn amidst despair.

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Ideas for Discussion
Miriam’s song can be sung in every generation by each of us. It is the song of faith and hope, the song of optimism and goodness.
Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.
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Miriam Ramirez Oregon July 26, 2017

Miriam the meaning for me Hi Thank you. I'm not Jewish, DNA is (-1%) I was given my name by a midwife that delivered me when my mother was experiencing birth pains. I was born dead, umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck, I wasn't breathing, my mother fainted as the midwife had to turn me around in my mother's womb to get me out. She did CPR and I didn't respond, my father said she tried this over and over, until she decided to pray for me. God gave me the breath of life, I started breathing. My father then told the midwife, since you saved our baby girl, I want you to name her. So thus, my name is Miriam. Anyway, throughout the years, one day I wanted to find out what my name meant, and I found that the words "bitterness and "rebellion" always came up, so I became very sad and lived my life with that mindset. That was more than 20 years, then just this last week July 2017, I happened to meet up with my younger sister, and she said, Miriam, what does your name mean. I said, I will show you because I told my sister the story of Moses and told her Miriam lead the women in song and tamborine, and I said, I'm going to show you the tamborines and how they are played, they are like little drums. My life has been extremely rough, I've lost everything that meant so much to me, my dreams turned into dust, forgotten, and I felt that my life was just going to be like this forever, but your message in teaching has brought me hope. I looked up images and the very first image I found to show my sister (before I found your website) was exactly Miriam and it says: "Mistress of the Sea" "she shall be most unique and very special, being able to uplift and elevate others, she will be the epitome of goodness" I cried, for the first time in my life the name took on a new meaning. I was that person, and had forgotten who I was, only because of the 'words bitterness and rebellion" but your teaching brought me a new meaning and understanding of who Miriam was. Thank you. Reply

Frank Kurtz waxhaw N.C May 12, 2015

Thank you , for all your lessons that you had given over the years. Blessings to you. Reply

Miriam California September 3, 2014

PERFECT!!!! My Name is Miriam!! It fits 110% Reply

Allan Koven Anaheim January 8, 2014

God recreating all So how can we possibly have free will? Reply

Michele USA January 8, 2014

Miriam Beautiful Chana! Thank you so very much. Reply

Sheena Ritchie Calgary, Alberta August 18, 2011

Timely I woke up this morning to the news that 7 Israelis have been killed and 33 injured in a series of terrorist attacks in Southern Israel. Just when I thought that all my inner work and spiritual studies were shedding some light on Hashem's plan, this happened and I realized that the exile is not theoretical. It is very real, even IN ISRAEL!

I try not to let myself dwell on this, but its so disturbing and weighs on my heart. It could be easy for me to be positive about this but what about those poor people and their families?

Miriam and the Jewish women of her day are an inspiration on this somber day. I pray that those affected by this tradgety will come to see that glimmer of light and be comforted. Reply

A. S. Montclair , NJ August 16, 2011

Thank You Thank you for filming this discussion and posting the video on the web site.
It was so interesting to hear and learn a lot more about Miriam. I had no idea that the Jewish woman at that time made their tambourines while still in Exile... what faith !
Thank you Chana Weisberg. Reply

Judith Anne jacksonille, us August 12, 2011

wonderful story This story uplifted me when i was sad .Thank you for telling this story Reply

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