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The amazing, firsthand account of 92-year-old Denis Avey, a non-Jewish, British soldier who smuggled himself into Auschwitz as a POW. (Many viewers may find details described to be extremely disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.)

The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz

The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz

WWII British POW Denis Avey

WWII POW, Denis Avey, is known as "the man who broke into Auschwitz." On two separate occasion while in Auschwitz he exchanged uniforms with a Jewish prisoner and smuggled himself into the camp to witness conditions at first hand with a view to testifying after the war. In 2010 he received a British Hero of the Holocaust award.
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susan howell madison, wisconson July 5, 2011

May you be blessed! You're an incredible man and a hero. I hope this evil never ever comes again and thoes responsible must pay for their evil crimes!!!!! May all the Jews be blessed and protected by G-d. We must stop the hatred now!! We can all learn to live and love each other. Learn from others who are different. There is so much to be learned and shared by all in G-d's world to make it a better place FOR EVERYONE! Reply

Nicholas Handforth , Cheshire July 1, 2011

Dennis is a hero & telling us the TRUTH & exposing the evil of the Nazi regime is a great revelation to the younger generations & those who claimed it never happened,but isn't it ironic that concentration camps were invented in Britain & Hiltler gained most of his ideas from British Empire building! Reply

Martha Bogotá, Colombia June 30, 2011

Mr.Denis Avey:
I don"t have words to describe my feelings listening you.
You are a great man.I hope to read your book.
G-d be with you always.! Reply