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What is it that will come to an end in the future redemption, and what will existence be like?

Moshiach and the End of Days

Moshiach and the End of Days

The End of What?

Rabbi Manis Friedman, a noted Chassidic philosopher, author and lecturer, is dean of Bais Chana Women's Institute of Jewish Studies.
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Discussion (20)
April 25, 2014
End of Days
At the time of end of days. I listened to the point where when women are pregnant they will deliver same day. Well that would be nice. Though it was also said there would be no age, only G-D knows the end results. If there is not any time then how do babies grow etc. So this individuals thought of end of days does not make since. Instead of speculating of end of days. I would think praying and being free of sin and making sure I am clean. So at the end of days I pray G-D will say I have been good. Those who believe must repent, so to be able to be with G-D. Pray and listen. Also I would like to see one pray day for the whole world, one day and time that we all pray Israel start building the Temple. Am I the only one wondering why this has not been done, The one thing G-D asked us to do and how not bee done. What is wrong with this picture Israel?
April 24, 2014
End of Days
If people don't age then why would anyone conceive and have a baby. How will the baby grow up (so to speak) if we won't age.
molly lyda
April 21, 2014
This is a beautiful description of the Messianic era. I am in the process of converting into Judaism which isn't yet complete, but I'm finding this is not really a "conversion" but more a process of coming to the place I should have been all along. Coming home. Christians teach a very different version of this, but the Rabbi's version seems much more sensible and to the point. My reasons for conversion have to do with the nature of God. The Bible (both Hebrew and Christian scriptures) teach ONE GOD, yet the churches have divided Creator into three, and even given him a son. Either God is the same from beginning to end of the scriptures, and of time ... or something is very off. I prefer to think the former is the case rather than the latter. My questions in this regard is why I'm studying Judaism now. It is a beautiful and compassionate faith and I look forward to being a part of it.
Lynn Magnuson
New Orleans, LA.
April 20, 2014
Messiah & Be-ing One with G-d
I appreciate Rabbi Friedman's commentary . I look forward as G-d's heavenly clock is pointing to this event , with great anticipation which will end in ultimate relief and Joy ! I love just Be-ing me . I have had to learn to allow G-d the same Grace He has extended to me back to Him , and not be so demanding and just take responsibility for my actions and choices and be patient ! . He is running the show and not me ! I am sure glad of that !
James Oliver
Lake Country ,B.C. Canada
April 20, 2014
Truth=efficient performance.Do Jews Thimk to much?
Rabbi Freidman is very wiseI heard him speak in Scottsdale and Phoenix.He has wisdom and intuition which is necessary for trust and faith,from my experience with performers.

I want to challenge him to answer my question,. was Moses A thinker or feeler when he got the message from G-d? He,didn't ask what is in it for me,and did lead his and G-d's children out of Egypt.He didn't even get his just reward to see the promised land he lead the Jews to find and settle.Thinker can't total feel Hashem because they squash feel,intuition,trust and belief,from my observation.
Sr Jeff Eger
Mesa, Az
April 20, 2014
I don't even think about the end of days. Instead, I do what I can each day to help others and myself. I don't worry myself with too much study and legalism but look to do good.
Over the years, I have become very concerned with orthodox types in all religions that pay scant attention to a human at their side in need. These religious ones are so busy rushing about mumbling to themselves that they don't seem to notice G-d's creation.
April 20, 2014
Only His people keep His commandments, whatever race, nationality or background they may be
It was not His kindness that motivated Him to take us out of Egypt, (...) it was Him.
It was not His judgement, He did not sit there thinking:"ok you suffer enough (...) it was not justice. And it was not compation: "poor people look at them so miserable lets go and help them up"
“I have seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters; I know their sufferings, 8 and I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, " Exodus 3:7-8
"9 And now, behold, the cry of the people of Israel has come to me, and I have seen the oppression with which the Egyptians oppress them." Exodus 37:9

I believe that in a relationship there is truth if I know what the other is expecting of me and what I am expecting from the other. With G-d we know He is expecting of us to keep His commandments (the first ones that he gave, the 10th). We keep them and we can expect to be His people in return: this is a relationship base on truth and love
Tehila B. D.
April 20, 2014
unconditional love
insightful! i still take Solomons illustration more literally, that the true mother had unconditional love even if she had no pleasure in upbringing her child, but the phoney only lusted to be a mother and would have all or nothing, if the child's life were to be at stake. the Fiddler on the Roof scene shows a mother's love when a daughter choses to disobey
April 20, 2014
Moshiach and the End of Day Reply to Annette
After Having researched myself many of the facinating topics of the Messianic Era both of the questions you asked are quite complicated, and are argued extensively by Rabbis of medieval times, to put it briefly:
1) According to most Rabbis there will be two totally separate time periods in the Messianic Era; in the first period the kind messiah would have arrived but life will remain the same, people will die at normal ages, world nature will remain the same etc. There are different opinions regarding how long this period will last among them are 20, 40, 100 years.
2) After the above mentioned period a new period will dawn with many miracles death and evil will cease to exist, Chasidic philosophy generally accepts the opinion (of Nachmanides) that we will remain with our physical body (in the contrary to the view of Maimonides that it is merely a soul life).
Now regarding the first period there are different opinions cited in various Midrashim, that the years of ones life will change.
Rabbi Yafu
April 19, 2014
Truth,to ,e,is efficient perfprmance.G=d is the mo
We are afraid of truth because we think or overanalyze Hashem and not feel him soulfully with trust and faith. When you think -you doubt-worry fear-go into inefficient performance.Why do Chabad Rabbis fear seeing the big picture to see the world in slow time-trust it-feel it(intuition-which many chabbad rabbis fear or dislike this word)-trust it and do it to G-d like potential.Feel and trust and faith are interconnected in the higher spirit. It does not come from overanalyzing him because there is no trust in the think cycle by seeing the small tight picture.
Mesa, Az
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