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The coming of Moshiach is the fulfillment of G-d's plan for creation that human beings enter an era in which they will all pursue the knowledge of G-d.

The Coming of Moshiach

The Coming of Moshiach

A Revolution in Human Consciousness

Rabbi Manis Friedman, a noted Chassidic philosopher, author and lecturer, is dean of Bais Chanah Women's Institute of Jewish Studies.
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Discussion (24)
July 13, 2012
sun and moshiach
does moshiach comes or the world come to moshiach? The truth is that the world comes to moshiach and is lighted by him as the earth is lighted by the sun,turning to him and see it.
so the world will come to moshiach but why with pain when suppose to be with joy ? Maybe the light is paing for those who know only the darkness for a long time...their kingdom which they protect,but whos kingdom do the people belong? The kingdom of moshiach...
victoria, canada
March 28, 2012
The Coming of Moshiach
I believe that the purpose of our lives is to believe and trust in the Creator of the Universe. Until the whole world recognize, that there is only One G-d. That is when Moshiach will be our King. Because he will be coming to be our king and maintain the Word of G-d. G-d is Truth becase He is the Only One G-d. But the world does not recognize that. Each man wants to be a ruler of the other. They want the power to rule the world. That is the reason why they are always fighting with one another. That's the reason why the "Human Rights" is not working. Why was it that when Samuel appointed Saul, he said that he was given Israel a king, but they would suffer the consequenses of having a man ruler, instead of G-d ruling us. Hashem have left us to deal with our own understanding to see what would happen. It has been over 2000 years. And still humans are afraid that the Jews will take over the world. Their stupidity, thinking that it is the Jews, not the Word of G-d. Seek G-d only.
Mesa, Arizona, USA
August 15, 2011
Mashiach ben Joseph
Check Talmud Bavli Tractate Succah 52a for a mention of the Joshephic Messiah. I am not sure why we don't hear more about him in Chabad circles. The schools that do discuss the topic are the schools of the Ari, the Ramchal, and the Gaon of Vilna. Just as Joseph was not recognized by his brothers, Mashiach ben Joseph seems to be a topic that is unseen by most.
Morristown, TN
July 14, 2011
Two Moshiachs?
Robert, I read Zohar twice, doing my third reading soon. I cannot recall reading anything remotely in Zohar that mentioned two Moshiachs.

I did read where the Moshiach would be known when he enters Galilee, on a mule, but that referenced THE Moshiach, and not the first or second. Moshiach also has the ability to live in Eden so I doubt he or she will be killed since Eden is where Moshiach is from.and can return at will.

There is a yiddish reference to Moshiach that the Moshiach you are waiting for will never come, the Moshiach that comes you never expected.

Probably.why I am a die hard about who the Moshiach will be, male or female.

I personally lean towards the Moshiach coming of mixed blood, both Jew and non Jew from the King David Dynasty, and the convert to Judaism, Ruth.

No matter, the Moshiach will be someone we never expected.
July 12, 2011
Hany re Joseph
Now there is an interesting spin, Hany. Never heard that before. Joseph was a revealer of secrets and there were many assets that Joseph possessed that his brothers were not aware of when they threw him into the pit.

Elijah is supposed to be in the end times. I was not sure in what capacity or how, but some say he will be in the halls of Government. Some say in the White House. Not sure of that particular prophesy, but some have said it.

A Super Soul can come into being under many different circumstances, including but not limited to the Great and Holy One breathing life back into a victim of Homicide. Only Hashem can do this to whom He wills. Blessed be He.

You made many excellent points and references. I thank you for participating, and would treasure further commentary from you.....
July 12, 2011
Two Moshaichs?
This is a great conversation we all started. Not sure if Rabbi Friedman checks in but let me put this on the table for discussion. I have heard from some Chassidic sources (Zohar) that there will be two Moshiachs. First one will arise from the lands of Galilee where Joseph's tomb is or maybe the west bank area where the tribe of Judea lived. That person will not survive the war of gog and magog and the second or eventual Moshiach comes from the Davidic dynasty as prophesized. Any thoughts are appreciated.
Robert Rubin
Lincoln, MA
July 7, 2011
Good points well taken. Some indications show that it s in the likeness of Joseph also, (The Revealer of Secrets) and also whom he s brother`s did not recognize...another Joseph shall arise ...Moschiah will fuse and unlock what the Mystics call the inner SUPER SOUL....Through the Holy Torah and The Fusion that occurs so the SO THE SO CALLED MOSHIACH SOUL WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN IN THE ONE IN WHOM HE IS INFUSED...... Some will recognize this Edenic state being brought by that individual and some because of different reasons will deny it, albeit in the End, Elijah will arise and Say this IS HIS ANNOINTED !!!
July 7, 2011
Moshiach reply to anonymous
Our Patriarchs had a deeper meaning of Torah than we have today, because it was lived in every aspect of their lives. Adam had Torah.

It is the supernal truths, I believe, that the Moshiach will teach us. It is because of this that it will take a few generations of teachings, and understandings, before we will completely eliminate death from our World.

I hope it is the joy of learning, from the Moshiach, in fulfillment of prophecy, that will make us WANT to continue to learn, and learn and learn, because it is the sacred truths that will change our world, and forever our lives, and how we interact with one another, and within our environment.

It will be like living WITH G-d, and earth perhaps, will again be an Eden. Could there be anything in this world more joyful?

Count me IN!
July 6, 2011
When Moshiach comes... I can't even imagine being able to learn, and learn, and learn.... and there still so much MORE to learn!

What a time to live in...learning of our Creator and what He has said to us thru the Prophets and Moses... and then, to understand... like in a layered learning. You never get to the end of the learning. There's just always more and more to unfold...

I don't even think we'll ever be able to get to the root bottom of all the Truths in the world... HaShem is so vast and deep and eternal... and that He would allow us ever learn of Him is such a wonderful thing for the created to learn of the Creator.

Learning of how space and mountains and waters and air.... everything... is to look into the mind of HaShem. These are things that came from the mind of HaShem...for our world and for us to enjoy His thoughts, and His ideas ....from inside of Him... is unreal...

When Moshiach comes, he will help us to understand these things, I think.

July 5, 2011
#1. Moshiach is to unite the World, bring us together. So Moshiach is for all people who love G-d, and will teach us in a way that will unite ALL religions. All will study Torah. ALL.
He brings in the Age of learning.......

#2. People will not be in agreement about the Moshiach all at once. Little by little, they will know it is him or maybe her. Scripture says Him, but I will wait and see.

#3. Moshiach has eyes red with Torah, and teeth white like milk. He/she is poor.

#4. It will take all of us time to render knowledge of death void, so that we will not die. This too will not happen all at once. Each generation will live longer and longer, until there is no death in the World.

#5. Moshiach is of mixed blood, from the tribe of David, and Ruth who was a convert to Judaism.

Moshiach NOW!
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