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A critical analysis of Israeli statehood, Jewish identity and Middle East politics since 1948.

The Agony and Ecstasy of Jewish Sovereignty

The Agony and Ecstasy of Jewish Sovereignty

Has the State of Israel been a success?

Rabbi Manis Friedman, a noted Chassidic philosopher, author and lecturer, is dean of Bais Chana Women's Institute of Jewish Studies.
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November 29, 2015
In 1920 Jewish statehood was not practical until the Jewish Population was larger so the Allied Principal Powers placed the collective rights to political self-determination was placed in trust and they vested later.

See: See also, Rifkind, The Basic Equities of the Palestine Problem. The latter was written by 8 distinguished jurists, including Simon Rifkind, Jerome Frank, Milton Handler, Abe Fortas. It confirms that the purpose of the Palestine Mandate was to permit Jewish immigration and settlement in all of Palestine west of the Jordan without political limitation so as to increase the Jewish population to a majority and ultimate statehood. The means was to permit immediately, unlimited immigration and settlement in Palestine west of the Jordan but place the collective political rights to self-determination within Palestine in an international trust. The trust res was to vest when the Jews attained a population majority in the area of rule, and the capability of exercising sovereignty. The Jewish people gained sovereignty in the area within the Green Line in 1948 and in the remainder of the Mandate in 1967.
Wallace Edward Brand, JD Harvard 1957
Arlington, VA, USA 22201
October 27, 2013
Very interesting
Somewhere in the planet
June 24, 2011
Neturei Karta's interpretation of Talmud
Dear Rabbi Friedman,

Thank you for the presentation.

Did you say in the video that G-d never said in the Talmud that human intervention will not be required for Him to bring the Jews back to Israel?

From my understanding of Naturei Karta's opinion on the Talmud, human effort will play no part in returning the Jews to their homeland. G-d will do all the work required.

Thank you for your time.
Somewhere, Planet Earth
June 1, 2011
Thanks for your help and prayer.
I needed a voice of reason and spiritual help.,and you did help me. Thanks.
Cedar HIll , Tx.
June 1, 2011
i have been waiting for these words for awhile now. i do not feel alone anymore.
john smith
fort lauderdale, fl
May 31, 2011
On that day, the Lo-d will be One and His Name One

Now I have started understanding the prayers - Aleinu, Val Ken nekavch, and Al tira mipachad pitiom.
And I had no clue about what Olan Habaa is like. Now I have started imagining about it.
Kayo Kaneko
Tokyo, Japan
May 30, 2011
The Agony And Ecstasy of Jewish Sovereignity
My Dear Rabbi Friedman,
Your rich words today have given me so much peace. I have been very distressed while researching for my people, the Sephardic, the Anousim. I could just not believe the horrific ventures they all had to go through. The pain they felt, have been crushing my heart and soul. But as I heard your lecture, acceptance came to my heart. Although, I am not considered a "Jew" because I did not grow up as one. My soul knew that I am, and have been a Jew my entire existence. I remember, when growing up the people I knew, the things they did in every day life. I realized my family, my family's friend were all Jewish. And with your lecture today, I am beginning to understand. My faith has increased and peace have come to my heart. Soon we will ALL be in the Kingdom with Mashiach, in His service. Thank you so much, and may Hashem keep on blessing you with wisdom and understanding of His ways. Please pray for my people that Hashem bring us back, and we will return.
Mesa, Arizona, USA
May 30, 2011
Where does it say "you will not obtain sovereignty
Israel was given legal sovereignty by the legal sovereign, Britain. The Jewish National Home was the option of Britain who controlled Palestine. 80% of it was illegally amputated to form Jordan, 85% Palestinian. The Brits illegally permitted Arab immigration into the Jewish settled area West of the Jordan River from 1922-1948. They then wanted to create Palestinian state That wasn't accepted by the Palestinians. Instead, they started & lost a civil war. They got the surrounding Arab states to attack Israel while they thought they'd leave & return when Israel was destroyed. Jordan & Egypt stole the West Bank & Gaza & annexed them from 1949-1967. The only legal owners of the land West of The Jordan River is Israel. It's not that the world hasn't accepted Israel's sovereignty, it's Israel who failed to annex the W. Bank & Gaza & repatriate those genocidal populations left on Israel's side of the border with Jordan & Egypt. This stems from Israel having the West's worst political system.
Las Vegas
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