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"You have always been their salvation, their hope in every generation... to make known that all who place hope in You shall not be put to shame..." A song of triumph, traditionally recited at the conclusion of the Megillah reading.

Shoshanat Yaakov

Shoshanat Yaakov

The Rose of Jacob

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In Song of Songs, the Jewish nation is compared to a rose. Shoshanah (rose) is a reference to Shushan, recalling the verse "the city of Shushan celebrated and rejoiced" (Esther 8:15).

It is a custom to recite the Shoshanat Yaakov hymn after the Megillah reading. The words are also used as a basis for traditional Purim songs.

The rose of Jacob thrilled with joy and exulted when they beheld Mordechai garbed in royal blue.

You have always been their salvation, their hope in every generation, to make known that all who place hope in You shall not be put to shame, nor shall all those who trust in You be disgraced forever.

Cursed be Haman who sought to destroy me; blessed be Mordechai the Jew. Cursed be Zeresh the wife of [Haman] who terrified me; blessed be Esther who [interceded] on my behalf. Cursed be all the wicked; blessed be all the righteous; and may Charvonah also be remembered favorably.

Shoshanat Yaakov, tzahala v’samecha birotam yachad tchelet Mordechai.

T’shuatam hayita lanetzach vetikvatam b’chol dor vador, lehodia shekol kovecha lo yevoshu v’lo yikalmu lanetzach kol hachosim bach.

Arur Haman asher bikesh l’abdi, baruch Mordechai haYehudi. Arura Zeresh, eshet mafchidi, beruchah Eshter ba’adi. Arurim kol hareshaim, beruchim kol hatzadikim. Vegam Charvonah zachur latov.

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chabad fan March 21, 2016

Adorable and an excellent tune so catchy and a beautiful voice. I love the Chabad! They are a huge influence on many people Reply

Miriam Brussels February 23, 2016

Love it so cute Reply

tzviki detroit March 2, 2015

very nice Reply

baila gourarie postvillt IA March 17, 2014

beautiful voice Reply

accordionist Buffalo , NY March 8, 2012

Shoshanat Yakov - music chart I am looking for the music chart for this song (free if possible). Anybody can help? Reply

Anonymous nyc, ny, usa February 11, 2012

shoshanas yaakov Thank you, thank you. Also for the coloring book illustrations. What would we do without wonderful Chabad. Reply

Anonymous London February 24, 2011

The other tune... Rabbi Naftali Cohen from London made a boys choir many years ago: the boys sang this song to another lovely tune. the tape he made from this choir is called "mi yarmiya". I'm not sure if it's being sold, but you could try Judaica stores in crown heights. its a lovely tape. Reply

Anonymous March 8, 2009

Another tune... I've heard another tune for Shoshanas Yaakov sung in Lubavitch, but I can't find it anywhere online. Anybody know it?? Reply

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