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The Jewish people’s redemption from Egypt as a model for getting “unstuck” from seemingly impossible situations in one’s own life.

Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck

A spiritual guide to your personal exodus

Rabbi Shais Taub is Creative Director at Jewish.TV. He is the author of G-d of Our Understanding: Jewish Spirituality and Recovery from Addiction. He and his family make their home in Pittsburgh, PA.
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Discussion (27)
April 16, 2014
Surrender and Get Life.
Rabbi, for the past few days, I've indulged myself in your videos and each time I watch a video I say "Ahhh this is the one. This is what I needed today; the lesson I needed to be taught today". But today Rabbi, I feel truly that this lecture was in fact IT! The message truly resonated with me, and the ending parable was a great summary of everything we as human beings need to be able to do in order to get LIFE- surrender to HIM. I recently learned this and as you said, I had to hit rock bottom and lose everything. As it was happening, I tried to do everything in my power to hold on. But eventually, He came and took it away because although I wanted HIM, I was afraid to give up the things and the people I loved so much and attached myself to. So in HIS infinite love and mercy, HE took me away from the clutter. I SURRENDERED. It's not an easy process- losing "everything" and learning to live life with "nothing". But spiritual awakening builds gratitude and makes the process easier.
Sherry B.
New York
April 7, 2014
To: Answer Please
Part of letting go is to feel the fear and to move ahead and do Hashem's will even when your will is different. As Jews, we look to Torah for guidance. Mitzvos are an act of surrender. And of course faith itself is a mitzvah which means to stay calm and keep functioning and doing even when your gut tells you that you need to panic.
Rabbi Shais Taub
March 1, 2014
Just A Note of Thanks
Thank Rabii for hearing the word of G-d and translating it into something I could understand as one not of your faith tradition but wanting to become unstuck from things in my life.
Philadelphia, PA
February 4, 2014
Thank you Rabbi!
Earl Dietrich
South Africa
January 23, 2014
Answer please?
Does the Rabbi ever answer questions? I posted one on Jan.7

Thank You
January 7, 2014
Letting Go?
Hi Rabbi, thank you for the class

I hear your point on letting go of everything with all our escape mechanisms and then allowing Hashem to take us out of our Egypt. I just don't understand how to actually let go. What does that mean. If I have fears and anxieties and insecurities, how do i just let go? Like you said someone in a hole can't fight his way out. But in our everyday lives what's the answer? Also, after Hashem takes us out then we work on "ourselves"? Then attending retreats, working on self confidence, facing and overcoming fears is the way?

Thank You
August 11, 2013
Awesome Lecture!
Thank You!
C Sampaio
São Paulo
December 21, 2012
Thank you very much
I happened to stumble upon your lectures and they are exactly what I needed to hear. Your words are much appreciated. I'm not a person of faith, but your words have really touched me.
Los Angeles, California, USA
November 20, 2012
Unstucking myself during the rest of the Year
Dear Rabbi Taub, Thank you so much for a candid enlightning insightly lecture! The work of counting the Omer and working on the particular character trait of each day of the Omer period is, Then, the method you advise and claim can clean one of his undesirable flawed traits of character and start life with a new slate ready to receive Revelation. And also. you say, every single day when we wake up we are a complete new being, like a newborn-me, if we chose to see it so. IS THIS SO? Habits, especially bad ones, die hard. And what about memory of who we 'were'? Could you please, advise , on systematic methods with steps about how to go about 'unstucking' oneself, at times others than the Omer, the rest of the year?
April 16, 2012
Self Help
Rabbi Taub,

Thank you for a very interesting and inspiring lecture. I had a question about self help and therapy. Are you suggesting that we cannot affect real change through say self help or even therapy without first admitting complete powerlessness? Thank you.
Monsey, New York
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