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Miri gets a hi-tech lesson on “How Do Prayers Work?” We’re still waiting for the app.

Jacob’s Escalator

Jacob’s Escalator


Jacob’s Escalator

Miri gets a hi-tech lesson on “How Do Prayers Work?” We’re still waiting for the app.
Angels, Vayeitzei, Jacob's Ladder, Prayer, Prayer Book

The Talmud mentions it, the Zohar expands upon it, and all the Kabbalists scramble to explain it: What in heaven’s name are all these angels doing messing around with my prayers?

I set out to speak person-to-person, so to speak, straight out of my heart to my G‑d, who I understand takes a personal interest in whatever’s bothering me. Next thing I know, according to the Talmud and Zohar, these angels have grabbed hold of every word I’ve said, putting them through an entire factory-line process of polishing, shining, re-engineering and reordering into fancy little tiaras before they can get to their source. They “hug, kiss and shine” the letters, the Zohar says. I say, who needs it? Just let me talk with my G‑d and get out of the way!

Well, it would be that simple if all prayer was about was dialogue. But when you want results, well, you need something that can impact the world around you. Words can do just that. The world, you see, was originally made out of words—as in “And G‑d said, ‘Let there be light!’ and there was light.”

So now, I want my prayers to have an impact, right? I want the sick to be healed, Israel to be safe, world currencies rearranged, Miri to get to sleep, KabbalaLabs Junior League to win—all the good stuff. I provide the words, G‑d provides the approval and the energy, and things happen. Simple.

Problem: My words are not G‑d’s words. They don’t create a thing. Solution: Angels. They work hard transforming those words, step by step, until they become just like those powerful articulations of creative-energy packets with which the Creator originally brought this whole cosmos into being. Together, my words, the angel-processing, and the Creator’s creative energy merge to redirect life on this planet.

Consumer distribution? Look in your standard Jewish prayer book.

Written and conceived by Tzvi Freeman. Rabbi Freeman is available for public speaking and workshops. Read more on his bio page.
Music by The Piamentas
Rabbi Infinity played by Andrew Torres
Animation and SFX by Pilar Newton of Pilar Toons
© Copyright, all rights reserved. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with's copyright policy.
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Anonymous fishing clown village March 10, 2016

Kabbalah Toons Why not make more videos? it'll be nice, fun and lerning Reply

Mary N. Highlands July 24, 2015

Divine Messengers Awesomely wonderful.. These messengers of God are His wonderment of creation.. They are sent to help us understand the divine favor that has been expounded upon all creation.. and they always make me smile for they are a delight to my soul.. Reply

Leah November 27, 2014

Thank you - this is great Boruch Hashem our prayers are powerful.
They do make a difference. Reply

David Chester Petach Tikva, Israel November 26, 2014

An Answer? I sometimes wonder if my prayers have any effect at all on Heavenly activities. In spite of what I pray for, our people Israel are still experiencing poverty, unhappiness, misery and terrorism, peace seems to be far away, our soldiers get hurt and along with many sick people they don't always recover, etc. I admit these requests are not all of the matters about which pray (there being at least 4 other kinds or classes of prayer), so possibly I do have some influence, but I don't feel that I am getting any direct feed-back on these matters where it would be clear! Reply

Dovid, Age 12 brklyn, ny April 20, 2012

Mistake! When the story of when jacob goes to sleep in parshas vayetzei, rashi explains that these angels were protecting angels. not like you showed in this cartoon! there are angels that only come down to this world in israel and some only outside of israel. so the angels going up were leaving this world since jacob was leaving israel and giong to his uncle laban. and the angels coming down were angels that come down outside of israel and they were coming to procet jacob.
if you don't believe me look in rashi yourself! Reply

sara toronto January 5, 2012

this is awesome i love kabbalatoons!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous w May 25, 2011

Thank you for this installment regarding Jacob's prayer ladder. Reply

Netanel Ben-Yehoshua May 3, 2011

Net Tzadik Tzvi Freeman is a Genius.
my Daughter Loves this. Reply

Syed May 3, 2011

Thank you! Many thanks to you, Sir, for sharing! Reply

esther May 2, 2011

thank you! this looks really great to show to my kids but at certain parts the background effects made it hard (for me) to make out all the words Reply

shmuel brooklyn May 2, 2011

angles have one foot i thought angles have one foot? Reply

Carmen April 16, 2011

As always... This is very inspiring and prompts action.

Today I prayed more carefully...

Thank you. Reply

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