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Chassidic Discourse on Repentance - Lesson 8

Derech Mitzvosecha – Mitzvas Viduy u’Teshuvah


Chassidic Discourse on Repentance - Lesson 8: Derech Mitzvosecha – Mitzvas Viduy u’Teshuvah

Derech Mitzvosecha 8
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Teshuvah, Maamar

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Shais Taub Pittsburgh, PA March 30, 2011

Re: Makif The precise sort of "makif" or encompassing, transcendent G-dly energy that we are discussing here can only be elicited through the power of teshuvah. There is no "straight" or "direct" way to access such a lofty light.

However, there are other types of "makif" as well, such as the "makif" drawn down by enwrapping oneself in the tallis. Reply

Anonymous Dallas, TX March 29, 2011

Makif Dear Rabbi:
In one of your recent lectures (lesson 7), I believe you stated that Teshuvah draws down "makif"; a very "pure or highest quality" of Gd energy. Can makif be brought down via other types of actions? If yes, what other actions besides Teshuvah

Thank you. Reply

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