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The Rebbe speaks on the Seven Universal Laws for all mankind.


The Rebbe speaks on the Seven Universal Laws for all mankind.
Lubavitcher Rebbe, Reagan, Ronald
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7 Noahide laws
7 Noahide lawsThe Rebbe speaks of the Seven Universal Laws for all mankind, citing the President's declaration. (May 17, 1987)
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National Day of Reflection
National Day of ReflectionPresident Ronald Reagan signs a declaration proclaiming 11 Nissan 5742, April 4, 1982 -- the Rebbe's 80th birthday -- as a "National Day of Reflection"
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Menorah Presentation
Menorah PresentationPresident Ronald Reagan is presented with a Menorah; the menorah represents the "victory of spiritual powers over secularism"
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Thanksgiving & Chanukah
Thanksgiving & ChanukahSpeaking to a worldwide television audience, the Rebbe mentions President Reagan's work in a discussion about the United States, religious freedom and Chanukah. The talk was given a few days prior to the presentation below.
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Menorah Presentation II
Menorah Presentation IIPresident Ronald Reagan is presented with a Menorah a second time.
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