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Illness emerges out of the soul’s yearning to escape the body. The healer must convince the soul that the body has meaning, that here and only here can the soul discover its own essence . . .

Kabbalah & Healing

Kabbalah & Healing

A unique approach for healing professionals


Kabbalah & Healing : A unique approach for healing professionals

Illness emerges out of the soul’s yearning to escape the body. The healer must convince the soul that the body has meaning, that here and only here can the soul discover its own essence . . .
Shifra Hendrie is a personal and spiritual coach who has been studying and teaching the principles of authentic Kabbalah for over 20 years. More about her writings and programs can be found on her website.
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Scott Cunningham Boca Raton, FL August 4, 2013

Easier said than done... Pain and suffering in this world according to how the Holy Zohar explains it; until all people learn to treat all people with human dignity and respect there will be pain and suffering in this world. This is at the benevolence of our own freewill to be proactive with everyone at all times. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma July 22, 2013

The musicality of two important words I have been writing about the importance of two words. The subject is, thank you. I have been going down the lines for a long time, doing this line dance, and see so many of you on line that I now recognize, for your words, your dialogue, your amazing thoughts, all with reference to context, as in the spark being the articles presented.

I am aware that life is filled with people who seem to need to take power and control from others, and they do it, so often in a very upsetting manner. It feels a lot like jealousy to me, what we call Green. And yet Green is also for Go, for the Greening of the world, for attention to ecology, to Nature, what feeds us all, the depths of that well spring.

Whenever I find a lack of humility, as in Read Me, I have The answer, I realize instantly that person is suspect. Because none of us has the answer. It's about sharing the road, and what is dear in this, is that we are all of us unique, and each one gifted parts of the story, to reach accord, a chord. Reply

Ann Bentley Va. USA July 20, 2013

Total Healing This discussion has been very deep and inspiring for me. An avatar for The Creator. Is my soul being an avatar that is working with the Creator to be a pure light of realness? A treasure in an earthen form. Much work to be done within this Avatar. Ha. The purpose being a true connection to all that is. Reply

Scott Cunningham Boca Raton, FL December 22, 2012

Healing It all boils down to the Oneness that God is. No, or little connection with the Oneness & the suffering of that person and the world only intensifies the suffering. Had the person connected with the Oneness of him or her self & that is the Oneness of God the creator, spiritually the suffering would lessen for both the world and the individual. How do we make this connection? We study Torah on the Sabbath and unwrap the secrets hidden within it. We dig deeper and deeper into the metaphysical meanings of the Torah. We do something about others who suffer rather than just questioning why we suffer and leave it at that. We engulf the essence of the secrets of how God reveals this wisdom through the Bible by not only making this a study on the Sabbath but all during the week the 6 days of preparation for our study of the Torah on the 52 Sabbaths, we live it. We want to pull the essence, the Oneness that God is giving us & bring this into our lives and into the world. Reply

Anonymous USA April 3, 2011

Kabbalah and Healing There is suffering in this World to motivate us to do something for the person/people suffering. Even if it is ourselves.

That is the G-d like presence in us all.

Repetition = perfection.:)

It is an opportunity for us all to bring the Great and Holy One into every situation, into other lives, and have Him in our World.

Excellent Lecture, Rabbi Freeman! Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma March 3, 2011

freedom of choice is also resonsibility as Sandra so beautifully wrote, above. We cannot make any move without affecting the universe, so every one of us is very important as we are part of a vast connective tissue that is sensitive to all that we do. We make ripples, as if we were throwing stones in the water, a good metaphor in nature for what happens. Those ripples go far and wide. Make them positive, make them shine. Chime on!

But it is very clear G_d knows what we will do, and that we are acting within a frame, a Divine Story with a profound learning curve.

As opposites do fold together, that old concept of yin yang, and also deeply coded within words, as whole and hole, wholly, holy, we are moving forward into what some term cosmic consciousness A new perception that is dominated by love. A compassionate universe with priorities that are about "Saving" The World. And we can do this together.

There is fear in this and there is a breaking through: The OM in Shalom! We're all in this together. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma March 2, 2011

free will and determinism: tikkun olam Any discussion involving these concepts, of choice, runs into a Wall, because we know, those who are deeply spiritual, that there is a Prime Mover in Creation, and when we ask for another year in the Book of Life, to be written into that Book, we are making the assumption that these decisions belong to G_d. We can pray for another year, and we can praise. We can do tikkun olam. We can atone for those things we feel we did that need atonement, and the word itself can be split, into At One Ment, and so forgiveness is a very Big Concept in Judaism and the recognition of what we did.

On the other hand, there is THE HAND of the Divine in all our days, and to recognize this, is to realize there is a cosmic story, that is also part of our days, and this can produce confusion. What is OURS, and what is, DIVINE. And if we are aspects of the DIVINE, then Divinity itself is moving through us all.

We must ACT as if, we have free choice, and we are taught to reach higher, in an ethical morality. Reply

Ms. Sandra Abernathy March 2, 2011

Kabbalah and Healing I really appreciated hearing Tzvi Freeman's thoughts and discussions on the Kabbalah and Healing. In answer to one question, the reason there is suffering in the world is that God gives us the freedom of choice. This world is a classroom in which all humanity is learning and experiencing first hand, and learning from our choices. Not only our own choices, but the choices of others. And we see how that affects us as a whole. G*d is good and loving. It is humanity that makes the mistakes. Even just putting a rocket in space, has then changed space. With every action is a response to the balance of all things. So in truth, the actions of every human being on this planet, past, present, future has, is and will affect the entire balance of everything. Reply

Anonymous February 23, 2011

good discussion i listened to the whole hour. It is the concluding remarks that are most powerful. Where am i and what am i doing to make my part of the world better ? Who other person(s) am i helping ? Where am i volunteering, giving charity, doing mitzvot ?

I enjoyed that much of the discussion was of a practical nature.

Yasher koach. Reply

Mr. Omer O´kando Y.DaCostaGomes February 23, 2011

kabbalah and healing Good class. Thanks to both of you. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma February 22, 2011

Soul Matters Picture a great fish composed of many smaller fish, the great fish is that composition. Each fish is deeply connected, being part of the great fish and each fish within that big fish, deeply connected to the whole and to each other.

We say the eyes the I's are the windows of soul.

There is surely an existential loneliness: a reflection of Divine loneliness.

To create a universe, to mitigate loneliness. The illusion of separate in one.

Since all is ONE, there is a deep unity in all words. We see the G_d in the word, good

The story we're gifted, has within it, the movement that is towards compassion, the compass within the word itself, our "true north". So, within a deterministic universe, in which G_d is the author, and final authority, we have been written, into a story, that leads to merger. A learning curve.

As for illness, this story is deeply about healing, the urge to heal, to be a savior. The same as tikkun.

We depart to enter that One, and also to retain that apartness. Reply

Betsy cutler schreiber Long island, Ny February 22, 2011

Healing When the healer convinces the soul that the body is important, the soul reaffirms that only through the body can the soul achieve it's purpose :Tikkun olam and healing and helping others through physical acts of loving kindness. Reply

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