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This melody sung in two parts, celebrates the Exodus from Egypt and is sung with great joy and enthusiasm, particularly during the Passover holidays

Mimitzraim Gealtonu

Mimitzraim Gealtonu

© Copyright Jewish Educational Media
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Mimitzrayim gei'altanu umibeis avadim pedisanu.


From Egypt You redeemed us, from the house of slavery You delivered us.


Musical Notes

A line from the weekday prayer Ezrat Avoteinu and the Shabbat prayer Nishmat. The melody, in two parts, celebrates the Exodus from Egypt and is sung with great joy and enthusiasm, particularly during the Passover holidays. It also voices hope for the future liberation. Originally the melody was a favorite of the famous Chassid Rabbi Hillel Paritcher, a Chassid of the Tzemach Tzedek, the third Chabad Rebbe. Brought to the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe for Pesach 5660 (1900) by the Chassidim of Nikolayev, Ukraine, the melody is currently a great favorite.

Taught in the time of the
Rebbe Rashab, Rabbi Sholom Dov Ber
Music notes courtesy of Kehot Publication Society and Chabad Melodies by Eli Lipsker and Velvel Pasternak.
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Discussion (8)
March 29, 2013
salida de ejipto

bellisima musica
buenos aires, argentina
November 1, 2010
It may be volume I, but you may want to double check with the seller.
Chani Benjaminson,
November 1, 2010
Esther Mae: African Jewish music
You might like a CD called "Abudaya" of very beautiful music from a community of African Jews. Very different from chassidishe music!
Hayyim Feldman
Somerville, Massachusetts
November 1, 2010
which CD?
There's a link right under the song that says "Click here to order the CD," but it goes to a page with many different CDs to choose from. I've been searching through all the relevant website pages, but I don't see any way to tell which CD this song is on, or what songs are on any of the CDs. Can anyone help with that? Thanks!
Hayyim Feldman
Somerville, Massachusetts
June 10, 2010
Very interesting comment Esther Mae! The singers are not at all African. In fact, they are chassidim who are mainly Russian and Ukrainian immigrants. Enjoy!
Chani Benjaminson,
June 9, 2010
Song-Mimitzraim Gealtonu
That song IS BEAUTIFUL! It sounds like it is being sung by African Jews. I "LOVE" African music that's traditional & not modern. If I'm correct about Africans singing it could you please tell me which country, what tribe, what language & anything else about the way they practise their Jewish beliefs?


Esther Mae Gorton

P.S. Thank you for your free website/e-magazines, etc. I really appreciate the info. I have learned A LOT from them & I am not in a position to pay.
Esther Mae Gorton
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
November 26, 2007
I'm so happy to have found this site. I have only just started to become familar with all the things offered. The music makes my whole day start off happy of heart. My soul dances and sings with those who left Egypt.
Kandie Rosales
Logan, Utah
February 10, 2006
Chassidic Melodies
The music is awe inspiring. I can feel the energy, joy and soulful messages.....Mimitzraim Gealtonu, will lead me out of Mitzraim, I wake up to the melody and rest to sleep with its mesage My heart sings of this message
Brandl RIfka
N. Palm Beach, Fl
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