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A carefree, Joyous melody, dating from the time of the second Chabad Rebbe, the Mitteler Rebbe

Nye Zhuritze Chloptzi

Nye Zhuritze Chloptzi

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Nye zhuritzi chloptzi shtoh s'nami budiet mi paidem nuh karchunki tam ie vodka budiet.


Don't worry, fellows, about what will become of us. We will travel to an inn; over there will surely be vodka.

Russian tune

Musical Notes

A carefree, Joyous melody, dating from the time of the second Chabad Rebbe, the Mitteler Rebbe. Originally sung by his Chassidim as they traveled the road to Lubavitch on their way to visit the Rebbe. Symbolically, the words reveal the deep devotion of the Chassidim to their Rebbe. When they arrive at Lubavitch, they will lack nothing.

Taught in the time of the
Mitteler Rebbe
Music notes courtesy of Kehot Publication Society and Chabad Melodies by Eli Lipsker and Velvel Pasternak.
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Jeremy Sharps Marlton June 12, 2015

Better transliteration from my Russian friend:

Nie zhurites' khloptzi,
shto zhe s nami budiet.
Mi pajediem da karchyomki - tam ie vodka budiet!

Не журитесь, хлопцы,
Что же с нами будет.
Мы поедем до корчомки,
Там и водка будет! Reply

shloimoh-der-mensch Blacksburg October 8, 2013

Correct translation A bit wrong translation.
Don't worry boys
What will happen to us
We will drive over to Karczemki
There will be Vodka.

Karczemki (Karchumki) is not an "inn", it is a town (a Shtetl) in the north of Poland, between the Wejherowo and Gdansk. Reply

Mordechai Tacoma, WA November 29, 2011

Reminds me of Shabbos Every Shabbos when I walk to shul, I hum this tune or sing it. Reply

Hanoch Greenspan Brownsville, Tx July 15, 2011

Zeyde sang this My Zeyde Louis Frank of Boston sang this to me in his 90s . Reply

Chana Kansas city, MO March 10, 2009

love this is ukrainian I love this nigun. makes my soul sing! Reply

Anonymous October 19, 2008

what are the chords for it (not in notes)? Reply

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