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This class surveys the laws of koshering a kitchen, and also laws associated with immersing utensils known as tevilat keilim.

Laws of Koshering the Kitchen

Laws of Koshering the Kitchen

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Judy Rubin Bayside May 24, 2016

We presently have a kosher kitchen. We are moving to an apartment that had a previous owner. What do we have to do to ensure that ok ur New kitchen will be kosher symbolically and in reality. Reply

Anonymous new york October 12, 2015

If I spill hot chicken soup in my dairy sink, do I need to kasher the sink? Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for November 24, 2014

Re: Dishwashers With regards to koshering dishwashers, and especially plastic ones, there are differences of opinion, and would should therefore consult with their own Rabbi on how to go about it. Reply

Sophia Usa November 23, 2014

Dishwasher, I heard you could not kasher a dishwasher unless it was made out of metal. I moved into a home with a dishwasher that is plastic. Can I kasher it like you say, bleach and three cycles? Reply

Raquel Tampa August 29, 2014

Can you kosher metal pot that can be used to cook in the oven when you self clean it? Reply

Rabbi Dubov December 24, 2013

To Sara Any domestic torch would be good - what you have to look for is the constant flow of gas even when inverted and also a self ignition
best wishes Reply

Sara Miami December 21, 2013

Blowtorch What brand blowtorch would you recommend for kashuring a home kitchen? Reply

Anonymous mariette, ga, usa August 14, 2011

LAWS OF KOSHERING THE KITCHEN Thank you for these studies i thought that i had a kosher kitchen only to find out that there was much more to be done. I have learned so very much thank you. I do have one question that I was not clear on, since the kitchen needs to be throughly kosher what about the rest of the house?
thank you
MB Reply

Milagros Harrison, NJ August 12, 2011

Laws of Koshering the Kitchen Outstanding explanation, easy to understand and amazing way to create your kitchen Kosher. Give me more knowledge (I know a little bit about this lesson) now I learn more Reply

Anonymous NY, NY February 12, 2011

Laws of Koshering the Kitchen Very informative and easily understanding
I learned a Lot Reply

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