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The journey of each individual as well as our collective journey as a people are described as part of a greater, G-dly plan.

Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey

Divine Providence in Our Lives


Life is a Journey: Divine Providence in Our Lives

The journey of each individual as well as our collective journey as a people are described as part of a greater, G-dly plan.
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© Copyright Chabad of the Conejo - Agoura Hills, CA.
Rabbi Moshe Bryski is executive director of Chabad of Agoura Hills and dean of the Conejo Jewish Academy.
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Anat Ariella April 29, 2017

Beautiful, very enriching to my soul Reply

Yankel West Hempstead, NY March 16, 2017

Beautiful! This was a beautiful lecture. Some of the stories in this class left me awestruck, emotional, and open minded. I will be glad to listen to more of your lectures. Reply

EDWARD KLARBERG pomona, .y. December 24, 2014

SPECIAL CHANAKUAH As I sit in my kitchen three thousand miles away in pomona new york, with tears in my eyes since I lost my wife of 54 beautiful years I realize what she left behind. My three sons and daughter came to my house to light candles and as these candles glowed we prayed that our mother and wife will have a bright soul very high in heaven. my youngest son surprised me by coming home from Italy to be with us for Chanakuah. Our family has been divided for the past few years and only a yidisha momma would dream that they will all be together again, I hope from her heavenly home that she sees this and just an hour ago I spoke to the chabad rabbi Gancz in Suffern NY and we will see to it that a new ark cover will be dedicated in her honor by her family, as we will then open the ark to take out the Torah she will always be there, what more could you ask. Thank you for your lectures each one hits home in a beautiful way. May we all have the brightness that these candles glow brighten our lives with peace. Reply

Cheryle Bryant Washington, D.C. April 29, 2014

Thank you! I am truly inspired by your lectures. Reply

Amichai Schneller MN March 19, 2014

thankyou!! Powerful speaker. Chabad Rabbis are stellar teachers, I love the introduction!!
Shalom Reply

Zizi New York, NY January 8, 2013

I am a Chinese from no religion background. i converted two years ago. What an amazing speech! Thank you! Reply

Alma Maritza Lopez Hollywood, Fl. November 1, 2012

Life is a Journey Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful lecture that as you said, I was meant to hear, as I relate to the stories in so many ways. Indeed my journey is quite long to inscribing it in this section, but quite enough to say that even I wasn't born as a Jew, my soul always knew it was a Jew.
I was born in a small town full of almonds in the north of Hoduras, move to California, New Orleans, and last Florida, now visiting my son in the peak of Colorado Springs, and visit Israel four times. I converted to Judaism thru the conservative movement, but a few years after I was introduced into the beautiful teaching of Chassidut-Kabbala and our beloved Rebbe.
Thank you Rabbi Moshe, as it was a reason why after I woke up this morning, I picked this audio lecture for the first time.
Alma Maritza Lopez Reply

Anonymous Arcadia, CA via October 29, 2012

Thank You Thank You Rabbi for so many inspiring stories. I enjoy your lectures very
much. You must really love the work that you do. Reply

Aimee Carter Salt Lake, UT January 7, 2012

Thank you!! Rabbi Bryski, you are a very talented, eloquent, and poignant speaker. My local Rebbetzin, Sharonne Zippel, recommended you and I have listened to your lectures. Thank you for your humor and incredible speaking abilities. Please continue to share your insight with your memorable stories and speaking from the heart. You have a tremendous gift. Reply

Russell Cohen boca raton, Florida December 17, 2011

Shaynum Danke Rabbi I listened and not until the final minute did I hear what meant most to me during this time on my journey..You see..My father Adolf Arie Ben Moshe Hakohen passed away just days ago. We will always cry for our losses , but we must go on and make sure the memory and the growth of Yiddishkeit endures..Thank you so much for such an inspirational message of Love and Divine Providence...What an experience your entire series has been to this Galiziana, whose ancestors came from Rosdol and Norol...Zolst Leben Rabbi Reply

Corinne Marshall Glasgow, Scotland July 16, 2011

So refreshing.. Thank you so much to my friend Gillian who sent me this link....this is just so refreshing to hear another like - minded soul speak the same language! Wonderful! Music to my ears, heart and soul!
Corinne Reply

Mrs. Sandra Greenbaum February 25, 2011

Rabbi Moshe Bryski Your lectures are so totally amazing especially because you address the most esoteric topics topped off with a very remarkable sense of humor, and then to top it off you (plural--Chabad) have opened up the minds of people all over the world who have been blessed to watch , to listen, to learn. G-d has blessed me by enabling me to be a part of your viewing public. Reply

Peter Murtin Vienna, VA February 10, 2011

Thank you!! Thank you for an inspiring lecture!! Reply

Gina Freeman Lackey jasper, Ar/USA December 29, 2010

Moshe's lectures I always love Moshe's lectures, thank you! Reply

Anonymous Melb, Australia December 22, 2010

thank you!! Thank You!!!
that was a very interesting class!
I've been observant for 28 years now Thank G-d and before that I had many lifestyles and journeys ... which mostly I regret ...
but now I see that it was all part of the greater journey that G-d decreed for me!!!
May you be blessed with constant succes in your work ... and in your private life.
All the best Reply

Laura Rehovot, Israel December 21, 2010

Your ''truths Thank you. I live in Israel. I have lived in Israel for ten years. I came for my husbands dreams, found I have had to find my own. fact you live what you speak, I admire you. I truly value every word you have spoken.
On the other hand, I don't see your truths in motion. I hope it is "that I am not seeing", certainly that they are not being delivered every single moment of every single day. Reply

Alter Ben Chiam (Bob P. ) Pt. Was., NY November 25, 2010

Your lecture Thank you. Your lectures are always very well thought out and very well presented. It is a very good learning experience. Thank you many times over. Also many thanks to Rabi Mendel Kaplan and to Rabi Manis Friedman. We owe you . For all the time and effort that you give us, May G-d bless you with goodness in a good way and give you the strength to continue to teach us. Through all of you Chabad does make the world a better place. Shalom. Reply

Michael charleston November 24, 2010

truth I understand that the story of the priest is possible, but I would like know if it is in fact true. I have heard a lot of inspiring stories that turned out to be realistic fiction. Which is this? Reply

Mr. Dean Levit November 23, 2010

Moving while you speak -- fine with me I enjoy your lectures and talks so much-- the way you move while you speak is all part of it. I like it. It adds a subtle action to your words which makes it even easier to keep the eyes fixed on you during your talks. Truth told, I haven't seen an interesting rabbi yet that stood still when he speaks. I think by nature, the passion behond the words keeps the Rabbi moving, projecting it out to the audience and I would really miss it. After all, the message is not static, but is dynamc, and that always includes movement. As for the kippa, I do the same thing. Those clips only help a little, and then only if you have longer hair. With short hair, they really don't help. Go ahead and reach for and adjust and feel for where it is. We guys understand.The ladies should, too. I really look forward to your excellent talks and lectures. Don't ever stop, nor change, please. Reply

jj ny, ny/usa November 23, 2010

wow! rabbi bryski you are a true inspiring lecturer i hope you continue the online video classes Reply

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