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A fast and exciting tour of the structure, contents and flow of Tanya, the foundational text of the Chabad system of chassidism. Perfect for complete beginners and seasoned scholars alike.

Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality

An Overview of Tanya

Rabbi Shais Taub is a renowned speaker and noted scholar on Chassidic philosophy. He is the author of G-d of Our Understanding: Jewish Spirituality and Recovery from Addiction. He and his family make their home in Pittsburgh, PA.
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Discussion (41)
April 7, 2016
Where is the map
Where can I get a copy of the map? Can you download a pdf off the Internet?
February 2, 2015
To Chaya's Question
Just my opinion but in a simple way should we not aim for the highest goal ? Even if we can't reach it, we can surely reach half of the promise and not be a rasha?

Sort of like reach for the stars, and you will grasp the top branches of the trees...
Ontario, Canada
December 11, 2014
LaShana Tova Rabbi Shais Taub
While we have studied Torah for the past few years, the depth and breath of your learning is truly from the source, and I thank him regularly, for revealing so clearly your interpretation, the healthiness of mind, or maybe being one with Hashem gives my jewish soul essense and then more to expand on & build. Forever gratitude. Kind of remind me of my dad, there are a few folks whose mind has taught the heart. B'H' for the wholeness of Tanya Study.
November 30, 2014
If the best we can be is a Benoni, then why do we take an oath to become a tzaddik? We discussed this question quite a lot and would like to hear what other teachers answer
Chaya bracha Leiter
October 2, 2014
intro to Tanya
Thank you for this online teaching and thank you for your book "G-d of Our Understanding". I encountered the Tanya after 30 years in AA. I experience it as the next step in recovery, totally congruent with all that got me to this place. You book helped me understand why I felt that Twelve Step programs are totally compatible with Judaism.

Pamela Cole
Boston MA
February 17, 2013
intro to tanya
Thank you for your Wonderfull introductory lecture. Shalom.
solomon naiem-cohen
los angeles
January 12, 2013
shalom where can i find a Rebbe to learn tanya
william savigne
January 12, 2013
great teaching where can i get authentic Tanya manual?
william savigne
September 23, 2012
rabbi more
you are an inspiration...please submit more.... give all of us more
pedroq quz
September 12, 2012
sounds similar like the buddism belief that one battles against himself.

where buddha was confronted by evil and could not move the buddha to give in..

he defeated temptations by evil but acknowledging he was fighting against himself rather than an external force of evil
Mr. pedroq quz
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