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Discourse on Refining the Inner Animal

Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 5


Discourse on Refining the Inner Animal - Part 5: Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 5

Torah study as a unique tool for summoning Divine assistance in one's efforts to refine the inner animal.
Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv Part 5
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Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA December 22, 2010

Refining the Inner Animal This is very true. There is a transformation of the soul, thought, and the body (healing of broken hearted and emotions). I can testify of it from my own experience.

Is there a possibility that we can listen to lesson 1? I only see from lesson 2-5. Was not able to listen to number one.

Thank you for your kindness in anticipation. Reply

Richard Raff December 22, 2010

Discourse on Refining the Inner Animal So if the animal soul is to far away from the spiritual soul then both can suffer negative affects. This is why we should be positive about negative events to off set the affect of negativity. Human beings can not live with out G-d and in return we may merit rewards for positivity. That is only my expression of free will caused by the affect of this class and it worked like a practical parshah, makes sense. Reply

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