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Torah in Ten: Toldot


Torah in Ten: Toldot

Topics include: Rebecca’s pregnancy, Jacob and Esau as reincarnations of Cain and Abel, why Jacob carried the fragrance of the Garden of Eden.

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Anonymous Liverpool, UK November 24, 2011

Torah In Ten - Toldot Excellent! Inspiring! Reply

rut Mesa, Arizona, USA November 23, 2011

Torah in Ten: Toldot This garment of light, does this means that they were dressed in ethereal garments. And after their sin G-d gave them garments of skin (human)? I would like to be able to understand this thought of reincarnation. Which I never believe was real. But, now, as I study more the Torah, Zohar and all the Sacred books, sort of beginning to see something I never saw before. Then is it possible that we are all reincarnations of the Jewish people that somehow died or perish in the past. I feel so much love for my people and I have had some strange experiences in my life. I do not want to get out of the subject, but this seems fascinating. I hope that by being fascinated with this study I do not deviate from Torah. By the way, how do we know that there is reincarnation of the dead? Thank you in advance for your wonderful teachings. Reply

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