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The complete process of Shmurah Matzah baking, from the harvesting of the wheat and grinding the kernels to baking of the fresh matzah in the traditional wood burning stove.

Let's Bake Matzos

Let's Bake Matzos

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oy vey Nashville April 3, 2017

the video works Reply

shaina 11691 March 26, 2017

the video does not work Reply Staff March 28, 2017
in response to shaina:

Sorry about that Shaina, the video works now. Enjoy. Reply

Share Hoffman 12804 March 20, 2015

Just want to introduce Hebrew Sunday school children to matza bakin Reply Staff November 20, 2012

You can click on the link on top of the player to buy the video. Reply

Anonymous November 20, 2012

How can I buy this video- Let's Bake Matzos? Reply

Chani Benjaminson, April 1, 2010

Hi, you can purchase this type of matzah here or at other online kosher vendors. Reply

Naomi b pennslavania , pa March 31, 2010

Thanks for the video it's good to learn something new. Reply

Anonymous Nashville, TN March 29, 2010

Where can I purchase some of these Matzos? Reply

neighboor nashville, TN April 3, 2017
in response to mendel r:

hey Anonymous i am your neighboor Reply

mendel r nashville TN April 3, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

hey i am also from nashville Reply

Kadoshy March 22, 2010

that stinks that you got bullied.........Well at least you tried to make matzos.and maybe they liked your matzahs but they wont admit it. Reply

georgia morreti stevenage, england February 5, 2010

i made these for my class and was bullied. they nicked my flour and matzah. i was devastated. i am very upset but i at least i have learned to make matzah Reply

jack sevenage, england February 5, 2010

i absoultly love em my best food me and my friends made these at a sleep over and we made 100s Reply

martin derik stevenage, england January 25, 2010

this is my faverioute food it is so scrumshiouse it is sooooo nice! and the best bit of all was a learned how to make flour and i have always wanted to! Reply

jack stevenage, Herts January 25, 2010

i think it is great that we cana make these i love them! Reply

Menachem Mendel Meretsky state college, PA April 1, 2009

not did i only learn how to make matzah i all so learnd how to make flour Reply

Crystal March 21, 2009

Thanks for posting. Reply

Menachem Mendel Meretsky state college, Amercia March 20, 2009

it really interesting i lernd how to make matzah from this video Reply

Yony Puebla, Puebla/México December 16, 2008

is wonderful this video Reply

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