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Throughout Jewish history, through times serene and turbulent, the People of Israel looked to the Torah for guidance and stability. Only through steadfast adherence to Torah principles, - the Rebbe insisted - can Israel achieve true peace.

Peace Upon the Land

Peace Upon the Land

The Torah Solution to Achieving True Peace in Israel.

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Discussion (65)
March 4, 2014
1030 BC - 2014 AD undivided land
After the fall of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, political rule was held by the following powers:
1030–930 BC United Kingdom of Israel and Judah
928-586 BC: Kingdom of Judah
928-722 BC: Northern Kingdom of Israel
586–539 BC: Neo-Babylonian Empire
539–332 BC: Achaemenid Empire (Yehud Medinata)
332–305 BC: Alexandrian Empire
305–198 BC: Ptolemaic Kingdom
198–141 BC: Seleucid Empire
141–37 BC: Initially independent Hasmonean Kingdom established by the Maccabees
63 BC: Siege of Jerusalem by Pompey, beginning of Roman dominance
37 BC– 4 BC: Herodian Kingdom of the Roman Empire
4 BC - 6 AD: Tetrarchy (Judea) of the Roman Empire
6-132: Judea (Roman province)
132-135 Independent Bar Kokhba state
135-390: Roman province reconquered and renamed Syria Palaestina
260-273: Controlled by splinter Palmyrene Empire
390-638: Byzantine Palaestina Prima
602-625: Sassanid Jewish Commonwealth
638–1099: Arab Caliphates and subject rulers
1099–1187: Crusader states, most notably the Kingdom of Jerusalem
1187–1260: Dominated by the Ayyubids of Egypt and Damascus
1260–1516: Dominated by the Mamluks of Egypt
1453: Byzantine Empire
1516–1917: Ottoman Empire

Era of Self Governance
1918–1948: British mandate of Palestine under, first, League of Nations, then, successor United Nations; the Emirate of Trans-Jordan was separated from the rest of Palestine in 1922, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan became independent upon the expiration of the League of Nations Mandate in 1946.

May 1948 – June 1967: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, for parts of the Old City of Jerusalem and the larger part of the area; State of Israel for remaining parts of Jerusalem and for a smaller strip of land in the west

June 1967 to present: State of Israel
State of Israel including Jerusalem, gaza strips & Judea and Samaria area.
April 29, 2012
On the Rebbe(O.B.M.)
The saintly Rebbe has been with me for over 18 years; the words which he imprinted within my mind and soul had helped me built a solid Torah foundation.He truly is the Rebbe of many peoples and Jews of many backgrounds.
Mr. Jose Fuentes
April 27, 2012
Inspiring and Promising
This video is both inspiring and promising. I have never watched a video that moved me so much and inspired me to increase in Torah and Mitzvos, nor a video that showed such promises of Hashem and of the Rebbe.
August 22, 2011
the rebbe
made me feel proud to have donned tefillin before having seen this post..........
Brian cooper
meriden, ct
December 6, 2009
Way to peace.
Be prepare to accept peace, but if hamas wants war - than give it to them, with extras...If they using civilians as a shield , blod of they own peoples is on their (those who do not want to live in peace), own heads.When you hit, hit hard, less fanatics - more chance for peace, If they (hamas and others) want realy peace - they would go to 22-arab countries to live in peace, and allow Israel to survive in peace.
Skibbereen, Ireland
June 25, 2009
False peace and land giveaways will never work
What has years of negotiations + land giveaways ever gotten Israel?

More terrorism on more land against a shrinking Israel.

Arabs = 22 countries to go to, Jews have one tiny 1 several times smaller then smallest of Arab countries & shrinking.

Israel forcibly against own citizens, made some settlements Judenrein, for the Tarribists to steal (as if Judea and Sumeria (Gaza, West Bank) + the other land they have stolen from the Jews, hasn't been enough).

That land included greenhouses which grew flowers for export and earned profit over 2 million dollars/year.

Within 24 hours of Arab takeover, the greenhouses were totally destroyed by these terrorist thugs.

They hate civilization like a drug gang does.

No deals with them will EVER result in peace, it's a total fantasy.

Only defeating them will ever result in peace.
It was the same w/Nazi Germany, & Neville Chamberlian who thought he had "peace in our time" because Hitler had signed some stupid piece of paper.
Jihadists hate peace
Brooklyn, NY
June 24, 2009
Competition for Hearts
Only a few wage war, battle, fire rockets, spew vicious rhetoric in the media, and draw attention to their beliefs, their ways, their solution. The vast majority watch as one side contests the other, trying to discover who tells the truth, whose actions are truly for the people. When the peoples hearts are won through good deeds and words, through actions based on compassion and caring for others, then the mass of people will oust their own leaders who are actually hate mongers. The Palestinians themselves will oust Hamas once they know for sure who they can trust and who are purveyors of lies and deceit. If Israel and its allies will invest themselves in truth telling, compassionate actions, and deeds of right and righteousness, the seeds of peace and reconciliation will be scattered throughout the region. War is not the answer. It can not bring a sense of peace or accomplishment. War does not produce brothers out of combatants. The hand of reconciliation is the only answer.
comanche, ok
February 6, 2009
speak to Hamas
Mr. Hooymans should really be addressing Hamas, advising them to sit down and talk instead of firing rockets. Firing rockets is no solution for peace. Israel said if Hamas stops their offensive, then they would stop retaliating. True compassion here would also be to speak to Hamas to stop involving their civilians in the battlefield. It's so obvious. That would solve the problem.
Unfortunately, however, Hamas doesn't seem to care about its people. Egypt was willing to receive casualties from Gaza. The Egyptian foreign minister announced Hamas was not letting the casualties to arrive, said Hamas was to blame. Also an Arab commentator claimed Hamas didn't reply to Egypt's invitation to come to internal Palestinian dialogue and also prevented supply convoys from arriving in Gaza. Now we hear that Hamas confiscated loads of supplies that were destined for 500 Gazan needy families.
As a compassionate person, Mr. Hooymans should be directing his dialogue to Hamas.
February 6, 2009
wondering why
Calgary is disappointed with Israel's solution for peace. Doesn't he recognize the fact that ISRAEL GAVE UP LAND FOR PEACE? Giving up Gaza was part of the agreement that this would bring an enduring peace. Then what's the question here? After giving away Gaza, Hamas decided Gaza would be a good launching ground to fire rockets into Israeli populations. After sending in about 8000 rockets for several YEARS for the purpose of killing Israeli civilians, Israel finally responded, with the intention of wiping out Hamas' ability to aim at Israel's civilians. Then, Hamas decides it would be good to use their women & children & involve them in the battlefield. Hamas made sure to fire at Israel from people's homes & public buildings & to place explosives there. Israel, on the other hand, sent leaflets & made phonecalls to warn the people to get out before attacking. What other country does that? Wonder why he's not disappointed with Hamas' BREAKING of peace, & REFUSAL TO END THEIR ROCKETS. !!!
January 20, 2009
In reading many of the above comments, it's interesting to read one person's comments that the blood spilled....." stains the reputation of Jews everywhere". When Arab terrorists hijacked planes and crashed them into the world trade center and their people rejoiced, and when Arab terrorists blow themselves up in crowded civilian places, when they've done other acts of terrorism in the world, do they stain the reputation of Arabs everywhere? I would like to know.
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