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The Rebbe's message was as old as the Torah itself, yet his approach was as rousing as dawn. He urged each person, in personal and communal life, to never be satisfied with yesterday's achievements



The Rebbe's relentless call for every Jew to never rest

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Discussion (36)
February 3, 2015
Video and email
Thank you so much for sending this Video.
Amazing, Amazing.
Pamela Cohen
London, London
January 17, 2014
It is very difficult for me to hear and concentrate on the Rebbe's words with the music playing, although I like it in the parts that are just video of various activities etc. Since obviously the music is a separate track, would it be possible to have a control on the screen to enable users to turn the music off and just hear the Rebbe?
January 11, 2014
Thank YOU!
and G-d bless all those who helped in the creation and sharing of this presentation ~ so inspirational and a wonderful testimony

Thank YOU!
January 21, 2013
The Rebbe's message to always do more moves me to tears. It reminds me of my father's message, fitting as his English birthday is actually today, the 21st of January.My father, a Holocaust survivor, B"H,is 100 years old today. When people would tell him that they were working so hard at something, working all day, my father would say that that was wonderful, but then we would famously add: "Why not add the nights?!" Thank you, Rebbe.
Harrison, NY
February 4, 2012
Beautiful video!
February 3, 2012
Thank You!
A gift to all.
Brooklyn, NY
January 31, 2012
Love and thanks for all your programs.
I am not of your faith yet I feel so very close to the Hebrew (Jewish) people.

Since I've become homebound I have a great deal of time to spend at your computer site. I really enjoy the Rabbi's, comments, advice, the music and every other place I c an get into. Thank you! Sending my gratitude to all who spend such time in putting the programs together.
Salt Lake City, UT
January 10, 2012
Thank you for this blessing
I simply love watching The Rebbe. It makes me feel something so special inside of me. What an amazing Light Hashem is, The Rebbe shines it greatly. What a precious soul. I feel very blessed to be able to see videos of Him. Thank you so much.
G-d bless you all.
May 25, 2011
N.Y., N.Y.U.S.A.
May 5, 2011
was looking for chabad in berlin germany and found this video >Thank you G-D that you sent the Rebbe to this world !!
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