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Factors that may determine the cosmic context for a soul’s specific mission.

Astrology and Reincarnation

Astrology and Reincarnation

Reincarnation: Part 4

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Discussion (26)
November 19, 2014
Thank you Rabbi, you have touched my soul.
February 18, 2011
we are the flowers
I look to the names and I see a profound and beautiful oneness. Asters, being stars, tulips, two lips, the shining little faces of pansies, and incarnations, the aroma and fragrance of carnation. Of bulbs, what lights my path in spring, bringing me to my garden, the very bulbs that do spread their green shoots emergent once again from underground. So yes, to re incarnation. What we so often miss is the realizations of answers that are here, for these are the flowers we so gather.

to stand thus, before eternity, a dance, a sweeping dance, to weep at the broken stem, to cradle those shining stars, one by one by ONE
ruth housman
marshfield hills, ma
February 16, 2011
Reincarnation Series
Thank You Rabbi Yisroel. This are great teaching.
Mary Ann
Fremont, CA
January 9, 2011
this is the best talk (and the three previous classes) I've heard for a very long time. Very interesting and inspirational. It made me understand myself and the world better. And also gave me a lot to think about. Thank you very much!
Munich, Germany
January 5, 2011
to Revere
I do totally respect all laws that protect animals from pain of slaughter. I regret my own hypocrisy in eating meat, knowing I cannot kill with my own hands. I would not. My daughter has been a vegetarian for humanitarian reasons since age nine. I totally respect her and her views. I have tried to abstain and maybe I need to try again and harder.

What I see missing is a sometime casual or missing approach to a Divine mandate, which is to protect the environment and all that lives within.

Not everyone of course, is this way, but I do regret when words are used that seem to point towards an attitude that I find personally wrong. I know we need "them all" and I totally LOVE them all. To look, for example, at the incredible dignity and love of elephants for each other is to wonder about this story, because they are more than, human and humane in their care for each other. Life is deeply about the music, so how could anyone poach them for ivory, for piano keys? Learn from them!
ruth housman
marshfield hills, ma
January 4, 2011
Denigration of animals
Some things G-d, Blessed be He, gives a spirit to. I could never understand ANYONE denigrating ANY living thing! They are ALL part of HIS creation under the dominion of mankind. Not to abuse or injure or kill. The law is set on not abusing an animal and there are special Rabbis that perform the cutting of the artery, in the killing of an animal, where it will not suffer, that includes also from fear. Kosher meat is kosher because of the delicate way the life is taken out of respect for the animal and G-ds desire under halikah to do it humanely.

Everything about Judaism is beautiful and humane so that if this were not so, then why do we take such precautions in observance of the Kosher rituals? Out of respect for life. Le Chaim!

They say dogs are toddlers who are in a state of arrested development, Who could hurt them? They feel joy, sorrow, grief, and pain, just like we do. G-d gives them ALL a spirit, and all are under His domain!
January 4, 2011
animal souls
I just came to this site, and didn't watch the video but I was struck by a comment to a Ruth, and was wondering did I watch this and comment some other time? But it is not me.

I have a lot of trouble with the denigration of the "animal soul" as so many rabbis do, in their commentaries. To own and care for animals is to know that the anima, or soul (Latin) that is so much a part of their name, is not a lower form of being, and in fact, I wish people could be like man's best companion in life, a dog, because I know about unconditional love from my dogs, and also from the bird we own, and our cat.

I think it's time to watch one's words in speaking in what could be a derogatory way about animals, as if they are "lower" than we are, and we are on some great evolutionary "high". If this story is about LOVE itself, then they are here as guides. New age language would call them "spirit guides".

What is sacred is writing on behalf of environmental organizations around the world.
ruth housman
marshfield hills, ma
January 4, 2011
this video profoundly explains so much in my life
thanks --for posting this video....i m not sure if i'm jewish -still looking into that...but i feel jewish... and this video sums up all my prayers to god asking what has gone on in my life....and things in my life--match up exactly with your explanation of mozel and reincarnation...when my son was 6 i had a friend over and my little boy blurts out "we used to live in france!" and my friend looked at me and i was like no we haven't ---and my son later told me that the memories he has of me and him and my daughter --living in france were so real he couldnt at 6 yrs old distinguish them from his memories from this life.....little things like this mixed with little other things make me realize---how true judaisms teachings are --thank you again for shedding light on my questions and making me realize ---how everything fits together so that i can help me, my daughter and son to get past reincarnating together and get back to god.
niagara falls, canada
January 3, 2011
Reincarnation and purpose
So interesting to listen to this lecture while going about my work on this plane of existence. It is so easy for me to fall short of my most fundamental goals and beliefs. It pains me to say that I clearly fail every day :-\ Somehow, I don't think I get any points for recognizing my failures unless I work to immediately reverse them :-\
Ilene Stackel
Naples, Florida
January 3, 2011
Beginning to understand...
Thank you Rabbi for your articulate explanations of what seems the daily things we grapple with; destiny, divine providence, natural, un-natural and so forth. I am sure those who have heard you will feel better for it, in the long run. I have been through much adversity in my life, relatively speaking and now I am beginning to understand, I think, what was intended and what I brought on myself. If I may, I think it all boils down to one thing. Keeping as many of the commandments you can in this incarnation. It can't hurt and it's best kind of Life Insurance. : )
Melody Masha Pierson
Montreal, Canada
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