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The origins and evolution of prayer through the ages.

A History of Prayer

A History of Prayer

The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 1


A History of Prayer: The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 1

The origins and evolution of prayer through the ages.
A History of Prayer
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Rabbi Lazer Gurkow is spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Tefilah in London, Ontario, and a frequent contributor to The Judaism Website— He has lectured extensively on a variety of Jewish topics, and his articles have appeared in many print and online publications. For more on Rabbi Gurkow and his writings, visit
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Jenny London November 5, 2016

Thank you it was really informative, but who were the sages. Reply

mr chris fitzgerald dublin June 10, 2014

thank you i now can pray at ease, i feel so inspired, i could listen to you Rabbi all night. Reply

Anonymous Thessaloniki June 9, 2014

Is there anything written in Greek? Reply

enbal pearson brooklyn January 30, 2014

thank you! this is Awesome!!! Reply

Anonymous Berlin May 9, 2013

Thank you very much for your beautiful lecture. Reply

Rafael Salgado Mesa,az. December 13, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Prayer Growing in prayer has to wonderful. Reply

Nimrod Faot Indonesia April 25, 2013

Thanks you good Rabbi for your information.
I am glad to listend it.

Shalom, Reply

Robert Leckie Fernandina Beach, FL February 27, 2013

Power of Prayer As a practitioner of prayer, and as a student of prayer, I found this presentation to be very informative and impressive. Thank you and thank G-d! Reply

Ken Belfast, Northern Ireland June 5, 2012

Thank you This has been one of the most wonderful lessons on prayer that I have ever heard. Indeed it is revolutionary. Thank you SO much. I now want to buy a prayer book, the prayerbook that the rabbi has referred to in his talk. Reply

Micah T Dallas, Texas May 19, 2012

History of Prayer Thank you Rabbi Gurkow for the interesting and informative lecture. I am looking forward to episodes two and three. Reply

Anonymous Sofia, Bulgaria February 5, 2012

Prayer Thank you from Bulgaria as well, very informative and inspiring! Reply

roberta new york , new york December 2, 2011

prayer Thank you Rabbi Lazer Gurkow, the online class are very inspiring, usefull , I love to listen more again!! Reply

Editor via October 17, 2011

English The class handouts (the PDF) has both Hebrew and English. Reply

Vasil Stockholm, Sweden October 12, 2011

English text Hi,
i study English. May be you have the texts in English? It would be more easy to read and to watch at the same time :) Reply

Dov Tobias Sao Paulo, Brazil May 1, 2011

I am very proud to listen I am very proud to listen and participate to this great lesson that Rabbi Lazer Gurkow offered to us. Thank you! Reply

Cherian P.V. Chennai, India., Tamilnadu, India. December 22, 2010

Rabbi Lazer Gurkow. I was so thankful to our Holy G-d for this wonderful teaching about prayers of the Jews.
I loved to see the bright face of Rabbi Lazer Gurkow. Actually the Glory of the God is seen obviously in his face, just like face of the holy prophet Moses began to shine at Mount Sinai. Reply

Mrs. Nomvuyo Twala September 26, 2010

A history of prayer Thank you !
I am glad to have listened to this enlightment prayer.
It gave me a lot of clarity and encouragement.

Shalom Reply

Mia Sherwood Landau Sherman, Texas August 22, 2010

So clear and concise I deeply appreciate this clear and concise outline of Jewish prayer, Rabbi. I've studied the history of traditional prayers before, but your presentation is "sticking" and I know I'll be remembering it because it is simple and makes sense. Thanks so much! Reply

Eliezer NY August 22, 2010

History of Prayer Thank you for your well organized and helpful presentation. Reply

Deba Edelman Bellevue, WA August 21, 2010

Prayer Thank you Rabbi Lazer Gurkow for such an insight into the history of our prayers. All I learn at makes the Torah so much more enlightening, and my knowledge of Judaism much clearer. To know that G-d himself coined a prayer that we recite is amazing to me. Thank you for all you wisdom.

Shalom, Reply

binh tran unioncity, ca August 21, 2010

A History of Prayer Thank You, yes I loved, it's very informative. Reply

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