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Rabbi Asher Crispe hosts a series of special on-line lectures explaining the spiritual significance of the technological breakthroughs of our age.

"Science and Kabbalah" Trailer

"Science and Kabbalah" Trailer

A New Series of Lectures with Rabbi Asher Crispe


"Science and Kabbalah" Trailer: A New Series of Lectures with Rabbi Asher Crispe

Rabbi Asher Crispe hosts a series of special on-line lectures explaining the spiritual significance of the technological breakthroughs of our age.
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Rabbi Asher Crispe is the Executive Director of, celebrating the convergence between contemporary arts and sciences and Torah thought. He is a world-renowned lecturer on Chassidic and Kabbalistic philosophy.
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derek williams February 23, 2015

Kabbalah is indeed a knowledge to acquire and get closer to Hashem. Thank you Chabad. keep it up.

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma January 9, 2012

the significance of the letters across Babel DNA, the language of life is very similar to all languages, in that they build and seem to have roots that are deeply significant. For example UR, for UR of the Chaldees where Abraham was born, the man who was gifted the vision, the true belief, of One G_d. UR. for YOU ARE.
URL, as on the internet, You Are EL.

I am saying G_d wrote us all into a story that is profound that began with the letters and that it is possible to perceive how this has happened in the examination of text, and context, throughout languages as I am saying they all do connect, and I can prove this. The proof comes from G_d.

There is a story, and a profound story, that connects us all through words. I see it. This is why Tzvi Freeman can title an article playing on wine and whine, and how I can do this, and others, endlessly and also across languages. As in an antique store called Room with a Vieux. As in View in English and Vieux meaning in French old.

I am going off line.

I do it, for love. Love 'letters'. Reply

B james January 4, 2012

Meaning's of numbers Since the Torah was written with paleo letters? are there any books around explaining the deeper meaning's of this ancient script?
Mishnaic Hebrew was not around till early i n the 2nd Temple period?
any thoughts on this?

BJ Canada Reply

Anonymous lakewood, nj August 3, 2010

Kabbalah & mediciene Been in medical field since 1964. G-d's complex creation continue to fill me with awe. I see G-d's hand in every thing I see hear and everything especially about science and medicine. How fortunate i am to live at a time when I can learn more about his wonders. I am grateful. Thank you Chabad! Reply

silvio alves do nascimento Vitória, Espirito Santo August 2, 2010

I want to stay informed! About M Theory! Reply

Dian Buehler Rio Rancho, NM July 30, 2010

KABALLA The latest Theory, called the M Theory sounds like a continuation of creation. Will you comment on it? Thank you Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, MA July 30, 2010

Unified Field Theory I want to add one more comment, because I was thinking about this when I awoke early this morning, and that is, about the Hebrew letters and their deep potentials. Many books have been written about the letters. I think we are each gifted to see even more, and there is an exquisite beauty to this study, that is ongoing, including the significance of the gematria of the numbers associated with the letters.

My comment has to do with the fact they all do, fold into the One, meaning all letters, are part of that greater whole, being One, and it is the beauty also of this perception which brings me to my knees.

Some time ago, it was shown how in the Star of David one can truly find all the Hebrew letters and this too, was beautiful.
Wherever we look, when we look, and perhaps it takes a journey of "soul" to see this, ordained by God, this one ness is totally apparent, A PARENT, as God is parent to us all, and as words themselves deconstruct and also illustrate this Unity. Reply

Anonymous lakewood, nj July 28, 2010

Kabbalah & mediciene I have been in the medical field for over 30 years. I marvel at how splendid, orderly, complex the human body is, nature, animals, the universe. I am excited to learn this new topic Reply

Ricardo Pereira C PANAMA July 27, 2010

KABBALAH Thanks. I am very interested in the subject. Reply

Anonymous Spring, Texas July 27, 2010

Science and Kabbalah Always another angle... Enlightening...
Thank you Reply

Izzy CTZ July 26, 2010

awesome! Can't wait! Torah is just awesome! Reply

Deborah Venezia, Italia July 26, 2010

fantastico !!!! Reply

Robert gGoer Chesterfield, MO July 25, 2010

Awaiting the series. Reply

Aryeh Shalom Merion Station, PA July 25, 2010

Awesome!... Can't wait... Thanks!... Reply

Margo Waite Park, MN July 25, 2010

Looking forward to this series! Reply

Ricardo Pereira C Panama July 24, 2010

Kabbalah I want to get Kabbalah knowledge. Reply

Anonymous Lancaster, ny July 23, 2010

cool keep me informed, thank you Reply

Anonymous Edgewater, NJ via July 23, 2010

RE: science and Holiness I have attended several of Rabbi Crispe's lectures.
Speaking as something of a technologist and a practicing Jew who is somewhat involved in Kaballah study, you will probably be blown away.

tiferet tzfat, israel July 23, 2010

looks cool! hatzlacha!! Reply

Margaret Chicago, IL July 23, 2010

Kabbalah I too am looking forward to beginning this series. I took one short course through my rabbi but this will be more in depth. Reply