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Rabbi Kadoozy desperately tries to prepare for the Passover Seder despite his flooded synagogue while Jono searches for Passover inspiration.

Itche Kadoozy Passover Mini-Series

Itche Kadoozy Passover Mini-Series

Part 1

Topics: Passover
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Anonymous April 2, 2017

this epic series is simply a must for me every year! Reply

mo berger cedarhurst March 19, 2014

i like it Reply

Dian Edmonds, WA March 14, 2012

Love it, love it, love it. I want my Sunday school class to see this. It's just the best! Reply

Anonymous somewhere, somewhere December 30, 2011

can you put more videos because i love your shows the only thing that makes me happy sometimes is the Itche Kadoozey shows but i know it is hard for you because of the puppets you have to walk around with it in the show

Shalom Reply

Anonymous 5s7, sr67 April 1, 2011

go jono and of corse you rock even more Reply

Anonymous london, england July 13, 2010

love Reply

Talia Weiss West Hartford, Conneticut April 25, 2010

the waits are just like the pesach seder: long but worth it thank you for a great show and an inspirational website! Reply

mushka nj, usa April 25, 2010

its bean like 2 weeks when is the 3rd coming out Reply

Anonymous lv, nv April 25, 2010

a new itchey kadoozy! finally! Reply

Talia Weiss coneticut, west hartford April 18, 2010

~G-Fish Reply

Anonymous New York, New York April 4, 2010

its been like 2 weeks when is the 2nd one gonna come out? Reply

THANKS LA April 3, 2010

WoW!!!! I loved it Thanks!!! Reply

mendel nmb, fl April 2, 2010

when are you gonna post part two pesach is almost over Reply

anonymous toronto, canada April 2, 2010

i cant wait post it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!! Reply

s7lr,m bytf, trb April 1, 2010

I think it just will not come out it was more then 2 weeks and it did not come out Reply

Levi L.A, CA March 31, 2010

When is PART TWO coming out. Reply

Anonymous Orlando, fl March 30, 2010

When did this one come out and when is the other one gonna come?? Reply

Posse Sexl-ed Buttel, Nursery March 29, 2010

Guys, appreciate what they do now!!!!!!!!! don't jump ahead, they will finish, g-d willing. Reply

Andie Claymont, DE March 29, 2010

My children (nine, fifteen, & twenty yrs.old) loved the movie of Passover. They wanted to know when the rest of it was going to be available. Great job! Using puppets to teach a lesson on religious lessons is the best idea. Thank you so much. Happy Passover!! Reply

f,9s chicago il, usa March 29, 2010

Then how did gfish tape on his black Barry, And how did he use it that does not make sense. Reply