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Learn the basic principles for the Jew’s diet of kosher and whet your palette with its significance and meaning. This class is the third of a six-part lecture series titled ‘The Essentials,’ which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.

Kosher - A Diet for the Soul

Kosher - A Diet for the Soul

Jewish Essentials - Part 3

Beginner Beginner
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Discussion (15)
April 28, 2014
Everything is linked - all is connected
Though grafting etc might not be permitted. Deliberately poisoned crop, as mentioned in my earlier comment, is transmitted in the air etc. one to another. Even if heirloom crop is grown under cover, it will still become contaminated.
We speak of crop in isolation, as if it is not linked to other poisons sprayed on all life causing pandemics.
Soon this will make sense, when there is no food to feed ones body.
Only observation of Yahweh's Law will save mankind.
Man gets what he deserves.
Namaste! Peace be with you.
Stella H Howell
April 26, 2014
Re: Anonymous
Fruits and vegetables in Israel, or those imported from Israel, need a Kosher certification. Produce that grows in the land of Israel has tithes that in the temple times were to be given to Priests and Levites, and need to be set aside nowadays as well.
Grafting is not permitted to be done by a Jew, and different vegetables should be separated one from another to avoid them growing together.
Shaul Wolf
March 27, 2014
in response to Anonymous
With the tremendous speed of Genetically Engineered, Transgenic, Genomic produce whereby the gene/DNA from reptile, rodent, mammal, bird, fish, insect, pig, virus, bacteria or other is inserted into the crop at DNA level, Fruit is not Fruit any longer.
Fruit is not Heirloom produce as created by Father, the Almighty Creator with Nutrition.
Fruit is poison.
Vegetables are poison such as carrots, cabbage.
The iron content has meticulously been removed from most fruit and vegetable.
This is what is causing 'Sump' holes in Mother Earth.
Peace to you!
March 24, 2014
Do any fruits or vegetables from Israel need kosher supervision?

Is there an issue with grafting?

Do fields next to each other with different foods, pose any kosher issues?
November 27, 2013
Amazingly put Rabbi, thank you. I am a very non kosher Jew that loves BLT's and so many other things off the kosher list. I always thought it was old fashioned for health reasons back in the day G-d instructed us on kosher.
After listening to your talk I now understand why kosher is identity. That story about the Yiddish Rabbi brought tears to my eyes, it was beautiful.
I am now going to take on the challenge and bit by bit get to a kosher kitchen.
Thank you again.
Western Australia
March 9, 2012
Thank you Rabbi
It was an extremely interesting lecture! I loved your conclusion for it illustrated very well the most precious benefit of kashrus : keeping our jewish identity.
August 28, 2010
Thank you Rabbi. Your lecture was a joy to listen to and very inspiring.
August 9, 2010
Kosher - Diet for your Soul
Thank you very much Rabbi. I enjoyed listening to you. I am on the path to becoming more observant in my Kosher observance.
Mr. Hal Zoock
June 24, 2010
keeping kosher
I listened to this clip, just curious about what kosher really is...I now have a whole new perspective and respect. I am thankful for the understanding. It's really a beautiful tradition on so many levels. I had no idea ! I have to say the Rabbi's stories were very touching, and clearly drove home the importance of food and family, and self control for the love of God and for the good of us all. It was just excellent ! He inspired me to take a look at my own life, and habits. Thank you, Rabbi, you are a joy to listen to, Just awesome !!
Mary Archambault
whitinsville, MA
June 24, 2010
Kosher- An Empty Word Today
Those of us Jews who read the essence of the word Kosher, know it to mean that it is critical to consider how animals suffer and are treated in life, and death. Jewish law obligates us to treat animals with mercy and to never cause them unnecessary pain...
All slaughterhouses (and you should visit and watch with your own eyes...if you can) are nothing more than concentration camps for sentient beings that humans force to die prematurely, as do humans who still eat meat and dairy.
It pains me that my family and friends who claim to be kosher, have no idea what that word means, what it is supposed to mean, and how little it really does mean today.
The best kosher diet is a vegan diet.
Animals are not liking being massacred years before their G-d given life span would afford them. And if you think they don't suffer horribly, you're in denial.
Laura Beth
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