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The song of the women and its precedence over the song of the men; the difference between the war against Pharaoh and the war against Amalek; the opinions of Beis Hillel and Beis Shamai when is the New Year for Trees and the spiritual lesson of the new year for trees

Likutei Sichos: Beshalach (Tu B'Shevat) Vol. 1

Likutei Sichos: Beshalach (Tu B'Shevat) Vol. 1

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laZyDoxLerner NY, NY February 7, 2012

What beautiful torah and what beautiful diction! Is there a transcript available? This is the most consistently compelling dvar Torah I've found. Yasher Koach on the translation, and creating a great learning tool! Reply

Anonymous January 11, 2011

Great class You are helping me a great deal in learning to learn the Rebbes sichas. You give over the sichas in a clear and methodical manner and I have been looking for a learning partner like you for years. I work all day and now have you to teach me. I hope to go through each sicha a few times each.
Keep these Sichas coming brother. Reply

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