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V'Chol Karnei

V'Chol Karnei


V'Chol Karnei

© Copyright Lanzbom - Solomon, all rights reserved. Click here to purchase the music CD.
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Chana NA December 1, 2017

Nice! Reply

Anonymous Hilo, HI via June 10, 2012

I can listen to this all day long I could listen to music like this all day long because it draws out my own roots and brings me back to the middle east. I have middle eastern roots and its in the blood to hear this and draw me back. Reply

jennifer wonder lake, IL January 24, 2011

This cd is wonderful Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, N.Y. October 4, 2010

Creative playing and arrangements Usually I can't sit and listen through an entire cut done on a nigun because of the repetitive nature of most arrangements. But I wanted to hear your entire piece because it kept my interest. Your interludes are tasteful, the harmonies are good, and the improvisations are fresh. The time and feel are good, too. Thanks. Reply

Anonymous September 18, 2010

I love this music, thank you for posting it! :) Reply

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