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When it's dark, light a candle...



A Chanukah Thought


Seasons: A Chanukah Thought

When it's dark, light a candle...
Seasons, Chanukah
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GUICHARD france 84300 December 6, 2015

From France. Merci infiniment pour votre savoir et sa diffusion. Votre souffle de sagesse reçu; merci infiniment. Reply

Mark Polis, MD Port Matilda, PA, USA November 27, 2013

FaaaaaaaaanTAStic! Chag Hanukkah Sameach! What a beautiful and inspiring creation.
Thank you so very much, Rabbi Freeman. Reply

Irene Glen Burnie, MD USA December 14, 2012

Seasons Shalom Rabbi: A very provoking thought. Thank you for sharing this video. Many blessings be upon you and your family. Reply

sondra MD November 16, 2012

Seasons I was having a "dark" morning and after feeding the birds and breakfast, I decided to look for inspiration. I stumbled upon Rabbi Freeman's "Seasons" video. It was as though I was led to this video because it turned my dark morning into a hopeful morning. Thank you and please keep supplying us with inspiration. Reply

Sharon Montrealc, Canada December 1, 2010

Profound Many thanks for touching on all the 'seasons' with a gentle truth. A bright Chanukah to you & yours. Reply

dina November 30, 2010

chanukah Beautiful and inspiring. Yasher Koach (more power to you) Rabbi Freeman. Reply

Dave Durham, NC via December 25, 2008

Beautiful That was beautiful! Reply

David Apperon USA December 22, 2008

Chanukah Thank you for bringing wisdom into an enlightened, viewable form.

G-d bless. Reply


chanukah cards Congrats and be blessed. For sure, the rabbi is a great inspiration to those who have recently adopted to practice judaism. Reply

Anonymous sydney, australia December 5, 2007

chanukah card I have watched this chanukah card over and over.

.the music is hauntingly beautiful and creates such a mood...

..I have forwarded this onto my grown children as I think this brief card says more than many many books could say.........simplicity...but such depth in a brief card.. thankyou... Reply

Anonymous November 24, 2007

seasons Amazing Reply

Juan E. Hefferan Imperial Beach, Ca October 4, 2007

Seasons Beautiful Masterpiece Thanks Tzvi Freeman for creating one of the most beautiful Masterpieces of Life.
Everything in Life is connected.
Everytime I see it again I continue to understand more my Mission in Life.
-When it is Dark, Light a Candle.-
I will never forget !
With my deepest appreciation to you, Reply

Thornhill Resident Thornhill, Ont December 22, 2006

Beautiful Clip Rabbi Freeman, you don’t cease to amaze me!!! Is this clip not purely genuus?! Are not all of Rabbi Freemans works simply genius? Does he not take the most lofty and most difficult to grasp concepts and present them to us on a golden platter? Thank you Rabbi Freeman and Reply

Leah Kaur Far Rockaway, NY December 20, 2006

Perfectly splendid! Thank you Rabbi Freeman, Heinz Koloska and Richard Samuels for the ingredients to create such a beautiful greeting for us!

Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, the spirit of the season lives.
Light small candles in your heart every day instead of cursing the darkness, and in time that light can fill the world.
Just try. That's all I ask, just try. Reply

Anonymous Thosand Oaks, Calif December 20, 2006

Thanks Beautiful. Reply

Esther Weiss Lake Forest, CA December 17, 2006

Seasons Rabbie Freeman,
Thank you for the beautiful depth of your Chanukah card. Makes you look forward to spending each season with G-d.
Happy and Healthy Chanukah Reply

Donald L. Dade Fort Mohave, AZ December 16, 2006

Seasons A newish person in my group sent me the video of Seasons. My son David died of cancer one month ago. this video depicts very well this last year of david's life and is now heading into the winter. The man walking down the tunnel towards the light is the splitting image of my son.
i am going to link this page to the first page of my son's many pages of memorials done in his memory by me, his wife, and members on my online group, who's goal it is to build pages of memories for people who have lost their pets. i tried to email previously but did not know i could not put html language here. i sent the link to david's first page so you could see our work. i sincerely hope you have no objactions to me putting your link their. if you do of course i will remove it. there are 300 people in my group i started years ago. your video will be seen all over the world so i hope you permit it to stay.
sincerely, reverend Donald Lee Dade
you can see our page at petsupports dot com david dot htm Reply

Mildred Atkins Rochford Dublin, Ireland December 16, 2006

On a journey through loss this is a reflection of the richness of light in the depth of darkness. Reply

Steve & Gail B. Potomac, MD December 15, 2006

Seasons_Chanukah card Dear Rabbi Freeman!
We were blown away by your creation. It goes right to the neshama (and to the tear ducts), and i felt that your card would be a very powerful message to my eclectic group of relatives & friends.

In the 1st 24 hours we received two responses - a cousin in NYC and a friend in Haifa - The cousin thanked us for sending the perfect antedote to the very difficult week they are having; the friend thanked us for the "beautiful & deeply meaningful" card & hoped they could download the art for constant running & to share with their wide circle of friends.

The Rebbe is kvelling!! Thank you!!!!

Shabbat Shalom & Chanukah Sameach!!! Reply

Judy Kutzen Levin Leland, Michigan December 14, 2006

Seasons The first picture of the tree was so beauiful just the way it looks in Leelanau County, near Traverse City ,Michigan It was a wonderful way to express my feelings to my family. Thank you very much for this
exquiste and very meaningful card. Reply

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