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Samach Vav: Az Yashir, Part 8

Samach Vav: Az Yashir, Part 8

Zeir Anpin and Malchus as a Memutzah between Ohr Ein Sof and Briah

Advanced Advanced
Class Handouts:
5666 Oz Yoshir Yisroel

About this Class

The Maamer now describes how the Yichud of Zachor and Nekeivah (Zeir Anpin and Malchus) serve to unite lower worlds with Ohr Ein Sof.

Click here to purchase the book Samach Vov for the complete original text in Hebrew.

Dr. Yaakov Brawer is Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University, and lectures on Neuroendocrinology and Chassidism. He is the author of two books on Chassidic philosophy, Something From Nothing and Eyes That See.
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