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Join over 3,000 Chabad-Lubavitch women emissaries and their guests as they celebrate at the annual banquet, the culmination of a five-day International Conference of Women Emissaries.

Live Broadcast: Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries

Live Broadcast: Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries


Live Broadcast: Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries

Join over 3,000 Chabad-Lubavitch women emissaries and their guests as they celebrate at the annual banquet, the culmination of a five-day International Conference of Women Emissaries.
Inside the Biggest Gathering of Rabbis
International Conference of Emissaries, Shelichut, Chabad-Lubavitch
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Mechaneches February 25, 2017

The entire world stands with the wonderful Shluchos. Hashem will surely bentch them and their families with yiddishe nachas and gezunt. Reply

D NEW YORK February 20, 2017

MUSIC Is there a place I can buy or download their music? SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
If anyone knows, please let me know.

Thanks!! Reply

Shaindel Brooklyn, NY, NY February 19, 2017

It was beautiful and inspiring. I just recently lost my sister. But today I felt like I found thousands. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Reply

Mendel Brooklyn February 19, 2017

Mazel tov Yay they finally got Venezuela straight!!! Reply

Simone braverman new jersey February 19, 2017

G-d bless Chabad for all the wonderful work they do. May Hashem send Moshiach now! Reply

ann leventhal February 19, 2017

Der Aibershter is ale mol mit dir Thank you for showing me the light and the way, there is no going back, only going forward on the path of Emet. Reply

Michelle Mitchell Strathalbyn (south-east of Adelaide) South Australia February 19, 2017

Australian women watch Chabad Women Conference Thank you for making this live for us. It's so inspiring. Staying in a small town in South-East South Australia, and being able to view this conference is just wonderful. Amazing people, amazing stories. Reply

Ednah-Sarah Risker McDonough, Georgia/ US via February 19, 2017

Always inspiring! This kinnus of the Rebbe's Shluchos is one of my favorite programs shown on, thank you to all who make it possible. And may HaShem continue to strengthen and guide this wonderful worldwide movement! Reply

Beth Orlando via February 19, 2017

2/19/2017 WOW, Thank you for letting us all take part in this wonderful celebration to change. Even if it is through a computer sitting in my living room. I feel the blessings of Shluchos. Can spirit jump out of the computer. Yes Reply

Sharon Samtur New Mexico via February 19, 2017

How wonderful to listen to and watch this event on the internet. Blessings to All. Reply

Crisol Arce Tampa, Florida February 19, 2017

Thank you for sharing with all of us this live coverage of all Chabad has done, doing and yet to do through the Chabad-Lubavitch Woman Emissaries world changers -- what a partnership. Congratulations to all! Reply

liba Hecht February 19, 2017

May hashem bless all of you Reply

potato chips yokupitzville February 19, 2017

wow this is fancier then my wedding Reply

Whittaker Santa fe via February 19, 2017

I feel so in the dark as a man without a religion that recognizes me, but I see all in the light from here. Reply

צפריר רומי טורונטו via December 12, 2016

נתברכתי להצטרף לרבי שמעון בינשטוק לכינוס השליחים, ורציתי לשתף את כל הציבור בארץ ובעולם, בהארה שחוויתי . הגעתי לברוקלין ביום שישי בבוקר כשאני גאה ומתרגש שאני צפוי לחוות סוף שבוע מרגש ומסקרן בחברתו של רבי בינשטוק . הגענו בבוקר ורבי בינשטוק מתרגש להגיע לכינוס אך לחוץ מעת מתגובתי לחדר
שדאג מראש לארגן , וכבר מנסה להסביר לי לא לצפות למלון חמישה כוכבים :-)
הגענו וישר נסענו״ לבית״ להיתפלל . כשבראש מעינותיו של רבי שמעון כדרכי שלוחחבד, כמה מאושר הוא שהציבור נתן לו את הזכות להעביר את התפילות ובקשות ל רבי.
כשהגענו ואני מפעם השניה בקבר ,אני מתחיל להבין את החוויה שאני הולך לחוות .
האושר של השלוחים , הקשר,האחווה,געגוע לאחים שלא ראו שנה ויותר ,ולפתע ניפגשים.
החם והשמחה שבשליחות של צרוף יהודי שמעולם לא פגשו ,אך בין רגע הפך לאח ורעה,הדהימו אותי והשראה בי כח וביטחון שאני נימצא במקום הנכון בזמן הנכון אם העם הנכון, ללא שום מוסר או ביקורת כיוון שאני יהודי...
גדלתי ארץ שירתי בקרבי, הרגשתי יהודי אך הפעם הרגשתי מיוחד ! הרגשתי שליח בדרכי שלי , עם שבת אחת על כתפי . אבל נהיתי כבר קצין , קצין של חבד עם הק״ב Reply

Benedito Dirceu Pimentel Botucatu/SP Brasil November 30, 2016

Ok thank you! Reply

GWENDOLINE LAMB Middlesbrough UK November 30, 2016

What an joyful and inspiring Kinus this year....May you enjoy many many more years and continue to inspire the world! Reply

Rabbi Joseph Sungolowsky Flushing, NY November 29, 2016

Meeting the Rebbe Upon the occasion of the Kinus Haschluchim, I am proud to remember that as a child I met the Rebbe in Vichy and Nice, France and later in the US on various occasions and I continue to cherish those unforgettable memories.
I wish all the schluchim Hatzlacha Rabba in your holy work. Reply

Ligia Maria Brasilia - Brazil November 28, 2016

Congratulations to Chabad staff! Seems to me that G-d did dream something like that in Yerushalayim in the days of the Holy Temple. His children together with joy and hope and One heart close to His. Thank you!!! Reply

Yosef Mordechai Gati Fresh Meadows, N.Y via November 28, 2016

Kinus Shlucim Sarasha Chai Sarah 5777 Shalom to all Lubavitcher Rabbi's

We have a Leader and Commander in Chief that continues to Lead us and that is the Lubavitcher Rebbe. May we all feel and share the resolve that all Lubavitchers have for The Rebbe which is without limit . Reply

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