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Editor's Note: Be Like a Matzah

Dear Reader,

We join with the Jewish community all over the world in mourning the tragic loss of seven precious souls on Shabbat morning in Brooklyn and pray for the recovery of the survivors. May the Omnipresent console the Sassoon family among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.


As we all know, Passover matzah is meticulously prepared with much care to prevent it from leavening. The difference between matzah and chametz (leavened bread) is that one rises and expands, while the other remains flat and plain.

It’s interesting that the two words are spelled in Hebrew using almost identical letters, with one slight difference. Matzah is spelled mem-tzaddi-hei, while chametz is spelled chet-mem-tzaddi. The two letters which are different, hei and chet, are actually very similar in appearance; the only difference is that the left leg of the chet rises all the way to the top, while the hei’s leg remains low.

Lowly matzah represents humility.

We sometimes need a reminder to remain humble. Whether it’s in our family life, social circles, or even at work, allowing our egos to get the better of us is never a good thing. A healthy self-esteem is one that occasionally gets out of the way.

So this year, when you eat your matzah at the Seder, take a moment to reflect on its meaning, and how its humble message can be applied to your own life.

Traditional handmade shmurah matzahs are now sold at many supermarkets, and are often available for purchase at synagogues and Chabad centers. Make sure to include them at your Seder table and share this sacred tradition with your friends and family. In case you cannot find shmurah matzah locally, you can order online.

Wishing you a happy Passover,

Eliezer Zalmanov,
on behalf of the Editorial Team

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We do not keep our traditions for the sake of the past. We keep it for their power to create a future, a power that will never end.

For the Torah was not given to this world so that it should return to its pristine glory as it was created. The Torah was given for this world to transcend itself.

Likutei Sichot 10, pg. 162. Masai 5741:18.