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Editor's Note: Shaking Awake

Dear Friend,

We are beginning the month of Elul, when we blow the shofar every day in anticipation of Rosh Hashanah. The shofar blasts serve as a wakeup call, reminding us that we will soon stand in judgement before G‑d as we crown Him King of the Universe.

This week, I spoke on the phone with Rabbi Elchonon Tenenbaum of Chabad of Napa Valley, who had just experienced a different kind of wakeup call: a 6.0-magnitude earthquake.

He told me how thankful he was that the quake had taken place in the middle of the night when everyone was in bed, not near the heavy bookcases that had tumbled over and smashed a solid wood table.

Even in the challenging times, G‑d’s hand is always there, guiding, steering, and supporting. During the month of Elul, G‑d leaves the palace, so to speak, and meets us in the fields, accessible to all. Now is the time for us to recognize His loving presence and reciprocate in kind.

Menachem Posner,
on behalf of the Editorial Team

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