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Editor's Note: Is Chanukah Ending?

Dear Friend,

With Chanukah quickly receding into the past, it’s easy to feel a little down. Somehow, no matter how carefully we plan and how many “perfect” pictures we take, time marches ruthlessly on.

But yesterday’s menorah lighting is not gone. Every mitzvah done brings a bit more light into the world, and that keeps on aggregating—just like the Chanukah flames—until there is enough light in the world to finally tip the scales for good.

The Editorial Team
P.S.: This Shabbat is 5 Tevet, celebrated in Chabad communities all over as a day dedicated to Jewish books. Now is an appropriate time to purchase a new Torah book or two for your home. It will make your home that much holier. And who knows? You may even learn something . . .

Do you have a favorite Torah-related book? Please share it with us in the comments section.

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