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Shavuot Learning
7 Classic Reasons for Shavuot Flowers and Greenery

Many have the custom to decorate the synagogue and home with greenery and flowers in honor of Shavuot. Here's why.
Meditation on an Embrace

If God embraces us with mitzvahs, how does He kiss?
The Man King David Took to Court

When Berel heard that there would be a celebration in honor of a new Torah, he naively assumed that he would be welcomed to the joyful event.
My Baby and the Six-Day War: A Double 50th Anniversary

We had started out rather late—apparently too late to arrive at the hospital in time.
5 Solid Strategies for Battling Cynicism

Here are five strategies that have worked in our family, helping us to banish cynicism and encouraging us to look at the world in a more cheerful, upbeat manner.
Your Unique Mission From Sinai

What is the significance of this counting? What is the connection between this counting and Shavuot?
Wave It Like You Mean It!

I was about to board the train, a middle-aged man exited the train and immediately approached me. “I’m a Jew,” he said.
If you wait until you find the meaning of life, will there be enough life left to live meaningfully?
— The Lubavitcher Rebbe
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Science is the study of those things G‑d thinks about,
by one of His thoughts.

Torah is G‑d thinking.

Tanya, Chapter 5.