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Editor's Note: Chanukah Is Coming!

Dear Friend,

Time really does seem to fly. Chanukah is less than three weeks away, and Judaica stores are filled with customers. Menorahs, candles, and chocolate gelt are flying off the shelves fast and furious—all on their way to Jewish homes where they will used and treasured.

But what about the homes where there is no one to purchase a menorah? What about the families for whom the light of Chanukah has been dimmed (or overshadowed by the tinsel and colored lights of the street)? They, too, deserve to experience the spiritual delight and warmth of Chanukah.

Let’s all do our part to make sure that every Jewish person gets to celebrate Chanukah. Pick up some (inexpensive) menorah kits and keep them with you. Whenever you meet a Jew in need of a menorah, just give it to him or her, and the world will be that much brighter this Chanukah.

Have you given or received a menorah kit? Please share your experience in the comments section.

Happy (almost) Chanukah!

The Editorial Team

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