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Editor's Note: Thank You to Our Presenters!

Dear Friend,

We just celebrated Shavuot, when our nation accepted the Torah from G‑d. What do you think they did the morning after Shavuot? Chances are they began studying and parsing the words they heard from G‑d and Moses, searching for nuggets of meaning they could apply to their lives. It’s also likely they shared their insights with each other, helping each and every member of Israel achieve an understanding of G‑d’s blueprint for life.

Now is a most appropriate time for us to recognize some of the dedicated teachers who share their knowledge and understanding of Torah on a regular basis on—some almost each and every day.

Should you wish to prepare for your prayers with some deep chassidic insights, you need to look no further than the classes of Dr. Yaakov Brawer and Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan. Looking to split some Talmudic hairs? Rabbis Binyomin Bitton and Avraham Meyer Zajac are presenting Talmud classes regularly. If it’s a fresh insight on the weekly Torah portion, Rabbis Moishe New and Aaron L. Raskin have you more than covered. And if you need a little help with your daily study, Rabbis Yehoshua B. Gordon, Mendel Kaplan and Ronnie Fine have classes to suit all tastes and speeds. For those looking to brush up their knowledge of Jewish law, we are pleased to present the lessons of Rabbis Yosef Shusterman and Elimelech Silberberg. And for those looking for a young and uniquely feminine perspective, we stream classes by Shifra Sharfstein.

These presenters are all volunteers, and our virtual hats go off to them for their amazing dedication. Thank you!

Please use the comments section to share who your favorite lecturers are (of course we could not possibly mention everyone) and what their teachings mean to you.

Shmuel Lifshitz,
on behalf of the Editorial Team

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