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Editor's Note: Your Friendly Reminder

Dear Friend,

Samuel Johnson famously said, “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.” If you’re like me, you can probably relate to that quote. There are lots of things I know I need/want to do, but I just never remember to get around to them.

Well, to that end, we are reminding you that this year is a Hakhel year, when Jewish people gather together to study Torah and inspire each other. It’s a big deal. A. Very. Big. Deal.

Did you see our Hakhel page? It’s a place where you can sign up to host Hakhel gatherings, get ideas and tips, and learn more about the significance of this year.

So please consider this your reminder. Now is the time to sign up to be a Hakhel leader. To quote a famous home-improvement retailer: You can do it. We can help.

Happy Hakheling! #Unitethenation

Menachem Posner,
on behalf of the Editorial Team

Jews Don’t Believe in Angels

But do angels believe in us?
Ring, Round and Roof

Eliezer gave Rebecca a ring, betrothing her to Isaac; ever since, rings, circles and enveloping structures have facilitated the union of man and woman. The Kabbalistic masters delve into the mystery of the circle to understand the unifying force that violates all the laws of ego and identity.
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The Cat

Everyone has a right to an opinion. It is inevitable, however, that certain opinions will carry more weight than others.
Feeling the Fear

Hearing that his brother Esau is coming to meet him with a force of four hundred men, Jacob was terrified.
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There is only one incident of sexual abuse that is recorded explicitly in the Torah.
Vayishlach In Depth
A condensation of the weekly Torah portion alongside select commentaries culled from the Midrash, Talmud, Chassidic masters, and the broad corpus of Jewish scholarship.
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Classic Chabad Manuscript Now Online in English
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Celebrating the completion of the Mishneh Torah, Sefer Hamitzvot and an epic project
Morning in Jerusalem

A young mother shares what keeps her going, despite all the stabbings.
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I’ve never actually had a conversation with an alien, but I do think I have some idea what it feels like to be one.
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What started out as a volunteer project became a trailblazing endeavor that permanently changed Jewish cooking.
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Continued violence includes attack near Machane Yehuda outdoor market.
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Upcoming program: Wrapping Chanukah gifts for hospitalized kids.
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Local rabbi responds after police kill two and arrest seven in area north of Paris.
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Raffles at Chabad centers send visitors and gifts to Jerusalem.
Two things preceded G-d's creation of the world: Torah and Israel. Still, I do not know which preceded which. But when Torah states, "Speak to the children of Israel", "Command the children of Israel" -- I know that Israel preceded all
— Midrash Tana d'Vei Eliyahu Rabbah 14
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Maybe you feel you just can’t hack it. You know there is nothing to fear, but you are afraid. Your mind affirms that there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome, but your heart is unable to overcome even its very own pangs.

It’s true; there are people who do not run from anything, who know no fear of beast or man...