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Editor's Note:

Dear Friend,

Is there a Seder in Bali? I’ll be doing the Seder alone; can you send me a printable haggadah? I am going away for Passover, and am not sure if and when I should search for chametz in my home. Which foods can I feed my pet during Passover? How can I make the Seder meaningful for teens? With so much suffering in the world, are we truly free during this festival of freedom?

These are but a small sampling of the thousands of questions our 25 rabbis and rebbetzins fielded in in English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian over the days leading up to Passover.

Before Passover, it is customary to ensure that everyone has the basic necessities to celebrate the holiday and where to go for the Seder. We try our best to accomplish just that, helping to put our constituents in touch with local Chabad centers and other local Jewish resources, often making late-night calls to ensure that everyone has what they need.

The team remained on active duty 24/6 up to the last few minutes before Passover, standing by and assisting thousands of people from all over the world with their Passover-related questions.

Many of the answers can be found in our Passover Q&A section. I invite you to look through the responses, as well as to send in your questions, both Passover- and non-Passover-related. It will be our pleasure to respond.

With continued blessings for a kosher and happy Passover,

Chani Benjaminson,
Team leader for Ask the Rabbi @

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— Hayom Yom, Cheshvan 24
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