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19 Kislev
Light, Life and Selflessness

Two pithy lines were repeated by beloved teachers and relived by those who heard them each and every year.
Your Questions
Is Judaism a Cult?

I have nothing against religion, but could it be that religious Judaism is a cult? I bumped into an old classmate who has become totally religious. After speaking to her, I felt that she is brainwashed . . .
Of Kapotehs, Ladders and Crazy, Lit-up Rabbis

After years of watching these and other animated, enthusiastic rabbis, with their interesting and industrious ways of approaching holidays—and every day, for that matter—I have learned that sometimes it’s me who is missing a tune.
An Adult Daughter Muses as She Visits Her Childhood Home

Was I really returning home, or just to the memories of what once was?
The Dream of Life

I surge awake, staring blindly around me for a moment before I recognize my surroundings.
How Joseph Maintained His Serenity

Joseph was in tune with another person’s pain, and was therefore capable of doing that one small act of goodness and kindness. Little did he know that it would change the world.
Tamar’s Twins

Whenever the Torah describes the birth of twins, it goes into minute detail, as if we are the grandparents who are anxious to hear about every step of the labor and delivery. Why?
Where Are Jews Truly At Home?

Europe was our home, but we were never at home there.
Chanukah Essay
Stop the Dreidel!

Each component of a Jewish holiday was put in place in accordance with the particular holiday's singular message. So, where does that leave the traditional dreidel game?
Though the vine be supported by straight reeds and forked reeds, it cannot stand up under the weight of the wine in its grapes. So if wine's own mother cannot bear its burden, how then can you?
— Midrash Rabbah