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Does Judaism See Solar Eclipses As Bad Omens?

Some claim that eclipses are a bad omen of things to come. What is the Jewish perspective on eclipses?
Why Don’t Chassidic Men Shave Their Beards?

Maimonides teaches that the reason the Torah forbade the destruction of the beard is because shaving was a practice of ancient idol-worshippers.
10 Pieces of Advice for Husbands

Before you criticize, ask yourself if it really matters in the long run. Are you better off letting things slide?
Why People Feel So Important at the Airport

You can just see it written on their faces as they purposefully wheel suitcases down the terminal . . .
Matot-Massei (Three Weeks Period) Haftarah Companion

The people had forsaken G‑d, and instead directed their devotion to the vanities of idolatry . . .
Four Quick Insights and a Video on the Parshah
Enjoy four short thoughts and a video adapted from the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe on Parshat Matot-Massei.
100 Barrels of Wine

The innkeeper lived modestly, but he offered his guests his best rooms and did everything he could to make their stay comfortable.
Recognizing G-d Along the Way (Road Bumps Notwithstanding)

One of the tires, while appearing fine superficially, was actually almost completely peeled off.
Wishing I Had Been More Sensitive on the Path to Change

I let too many people who had once helped me become strangers.
Jewish News
Child With Autism Has a Meltdown on a Plane: Chabad Emissary Steps In to Help

An unexpected encounter creates a circle of friendship on a transatlantic flight.
96-Year-Old South Carolina Man’s Last Mitzvah: A Bar Mitzvah

With the help of a rabbi he’s known for years, Max Gergel achieved a milestone before passing.
Seven things are concealed from man: the day of his death, the day of the Redemption, the absolute truth in a judgment; also, no man knows how he will earn a livelihood, what is in his neighbor's heart, what a woman is bearing, and when the wicked State [Rome] will fall.
— Midrash Rabbah
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