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How Could Jacob Marry Two Sisters?

We know that Jacob, and all the patriarchs, kept the commandments of the Torah that would be later given to their descendants. Why, then, did Jacob marry sisters, a direct prohibition?
Why Is Tefillin Worn on the Left Arm?

The sages of the Talmud take it as a given that tefillin are put on the left arm (or the right arm of a lefty) and offer several reasons…
Stay in Your Lane!

Every child has his or her own way, their personal journey. The role of an educator is to figure out how to travel alongside children as they discover the world around them.
The Rebbe's Approach to Illness and Challenge
The Rebbe’s message to his Chassidim on Simchat Torah of 1977, a day after he suffered a heart attack and was unable, for the first time in the years of his leadership, to join them for the hakafot celebrations.
I Cried in the Supermarket With a Stranger

I wanted to comfort her, to give her hope and let her know that this is how it starts sometimes.
A Match Made In Mockery

“But the magnate is a simple man, not a Torah scholar!” interjected the rabbi. “How can I allow this match to happen?”
Crusty Olive Bread

Art: "Ascent" - Jacob's Ladder

The ascent up Jacob's ladder is linked to the four spiritual worlds and their connection to the morning prayer.
Shabbat is one sixtieth of the World to Come
— Midrash
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