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Terumah: Giving with Joy

Terumah: Giving with Joy


Editor's Note:

Dear Friend,

This week marks the start of the Hebrew month of Adar.

My daughter came home from school singing a song I remember from my own kindergarten days: “Mishe mishe mishe . . . mishenichnas Adarrrrrrr!”—“When the month of Adar enters, we increase in joy.” I doubt that she can translate the words, but one look at her face proves she has internalized their meaning. She’s simply delighted.

If tears and tantrums come easily to small children, so too does happiness. These little people feel safe knowing that they are protected, nurtured and loved. Why not be happy?

Adar features the holiday of Purim, a central theme of which is complete reliance on and faith in G‑d. This is epitomized by Queen Esther, who as an orphan bereft of a parent’s care knew that in G‑d alone lay her security. And when her nation was threatened, she inspired them to turn entirely to Him. With this absolute trust came salvation, and then great joy.

In this month, let us be children, feeling secure in G‑d’s protection, treasured by His love and deeply joyful.

Malkie Janowski,
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Rabbi Elazar would give a coin to a pauper, and only then would he pray
— Talmud, Bava Batra 10a
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G‑d is with me among my helpers.
—Psalms 118:7

Your best friends are those who are at your side in time of distress.

And why are they there? Because you are at their side at the time of their distress.

Sometimes your charitable donations are seriously threatened. You might be short on funds, or the market might be...