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Vayeishev: Gearing Up for Chanukah

Vayeishev: Gearing Up for Chanukah


Editor's Note:

Dear Friends,

I remember that Chanukah night, many years ago, when my two-year-old sister, curly hair on fire, was saved by yours truly, all of nine years old, rushing to the rescue. (We had taken all the precautions, but the lure of the open flames, momentarily unguarded, was too strong.)

Some may call it coincidence, but I still see the hand of G‑d guiding my brother to the menorah, leading him to call for help, and in turn driving me to extinguish the threatening fire before it managed to graze my sister’s scalp.

A Chanukah miracle of our very own.

The famous Chanukah miracle in which the oil for the menorah stretched to last eight days defied the law of physics, irrefutably pointing to a higher power. However, many smaller miracles that occur on a daily basis simply pass unnoticed; we attribute them to coincidence or the ways of the world.

I have learned that there is no such thing as coincidence.

It may be easier to pinpoint the miracles born in dramatic circumstances, but recognizing the many ordinary miracles in our daily life will surely serve to improve it immeasurably.

Wishing you a miraculous Chanukah!

Etti Hazan,
on behalf of the Editorial Team

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