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Toldot: Blessings in Disguise

Toldot: Blessings in Disguise


Editor's Note:

Dear reader,

I was building a model airplane. The parts were so tiny, it took me hours just to assemble the fuselage. As I was setting the wings, another kid muscled his way in. “You’re slow. Let me do that.” He was squirting globs of glue all over my work of art, ramming the wings wherever they seemed to fit. Then there was a crack. My plane was broken.

This week we read about Jacob and Esau. Father Isaac wanted to bless Esau, but their mother, Rebecca, wanted Jacob to be blessed. Jacob was the good twin, and Esau was bad. What was Isaac thinking?

Look at it like this:

The blessing was the Torah, whose purpose is to instruct us how to perform mitzvahs, thus bringing the world into its completed state. Isaac foresaw (rightly) that if the descendants of Jacob would be given the task, it would take a long time. Esau was a wild man. With all his frenetic, chaotic energy, perhaps he could finish the job sooner.

But Rebecca knew that a delicate job requires focus, gentle hands and patience. It has been thousands of years, and our dedication is about to pay off. We’re the children of Jacob. We may not be flashy, but we know how to stay the course.

And you know what? When we finally get the job done, the children of Esau will be there to help us—and nothing will break!

Shais Taub,
on behalf of the Editorial Team

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