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Unpacking a Chassidic Discourse From 1877
This hemshekh is a broad reexamination of the path that leads from the exodus of the Jews from Egypt to the ultimate redemption to be achieved in the messianic future.
Why Get Married? Here’s My Perspective . . .

Marriage means relinquishing yourself. Ironically, it also means discovering more about yourself than you ever could alone.
Helping Another Through the Deep Stages of Pain

You don’t need to be a therapist to be able to sit quietly with a person in pain and just be there.
Your Questions
I Keep On Trying to Change People

I’m always trying to change the world and get people to act the way they’re supposed to.
The Oath

Upon hearing the verdict of the bet-din, Rabbi Shlomo turned pale. Never in his life did he imagine that he would be required to take an oath in court!
Beyond Holiness

A mystical interpretation of the laws of orlah (forbidden fruit of the first three years after a fruit tree's planting), netah revai (the sanctified fruit of the 4th year), and the "mundane" fruit of the fruit tree's 5th year.
How to Balance Life

On one hand, I had suffered so much. On the other hand, I love my family.
Acharei Kedoshim Haftarah Companion

Commerce was flourishing, and many Jews had made their way to riches. Spiritually, however, there was much to be desired.
Art: Revealed Symphony

You stand today, all of you, before the L‑rd your G‑d: your heads, your tribes, your elders, your officers, and every Israelite man; your young ones, your wives, the stranger in your camp; from your wood-hewer to your water-drawer
— Deuteronomy 29:9–10
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Life is fire. It can burn with the angst of survival in a hostile world. Or it can be harnessed to consume all fear.

Stop, contemplate, meditate and pray. Fan a fire of love and awe for the One that transcends this world.

One fire swallows another and you are set free. Liberated from your fears, you face the world no...