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Tanya Navigator
Study Tanya, the fundamental work of Chassidus, with these clear and well-explained lessons.

Lessons in Tanya

Lessons in Tanya


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Sebastian Carranza-Robles Victoria November 22, 2016

A sefaradic from Andalucia Spain. Shalom.
love the Hassadic and the teaching, I'am 70 years of age.
love our beloved Rebbe Menachem Mendel, my true friend, and master, of my soul. Reply

Elisheva IA April 18, 2016

The Spark Within Us All Never would have imagined the depths, breaths, and escapades one's mind or conscious can take you once you can grasp just a "drop" of Tanya!

IA Reply

Phil Oceanside December 19, 2015

Thank you Hey,

Thank you for having the foresight to record and for taking the time to edit these sessions. I truly appreciate that you have impetuous and the good will too make this information available. By this point in the process I am enjoying the cinema of the mind which you have created and presented. The mind reels with the unfurling of wisdom. I hope my rabbi will appreciate the questions I will have for him at the conclusion of this process.

I have words which I try to ive my life by. ..Be What You Are. The Tanya is changing what those words have meant to me for so long.

Regards Reply

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