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Tanya: Title Page

Tanya: Title Page


Tanya: Title Page

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Kabbalah & Chassidism, Tanya
Rabbi Ben-Tzion Krasnianski is director of Chabad Lubavitch of the Upper East Side in Manhattan
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A ALO U.K. July 26, 2017

I hear my soul respond deep within me. Deep calling to the deep. Thank you Sir for these pure truth. More blessings.. Reply

John Qld, Australia October 10, 2015

This resonates truth at a very deep level. It is MY responsibility to grow in knowledge, truth and develop a personal relationship with HaShem. Lest l remain like those mentioned in Isaiah 29:13 Reply

Aaron Fort Carson, Colorado 80913 August 20, 2014

Amazing This is the first video I have seen from this Rabbi. Even so, I am glad I found this, more so than the easy "Daily Studies" of Tanya and Rom Bom and such. I wasn't picking anything up from them. This may have been an hour on just the first part of Tanya, but it made me really focus more than I have ever focused. Thank you very much. Reply

Anonymous February 21, 2013

Wow. As a convert to Judaism I have been exposed to many misconstrued scripture, misused in the Christian bible. I was taught that G-d never expected us to keep "the law" or mitzvah and the new testament even misquotes this verse as reference that we need a "savior"... how can they do this? Thanks you so much, I am learning so much through my Chabad connection. Reply

Robert Seitel November 18, 2012

I have found a fundamental place here... I am 53, I was raised Reform. I have lived largely seeking a voice I now know as HaShem's identity for me... which is uniquely HaShem's and mine alone to share. I would introduce Tanya as being the single most clarifying tone in which my life and being secures, and finds its place. I am honestly in awe of ChaBaD's community, thank you so much. Perhaps it is time to engage in my local community as well... Reply

misty vancouver, wa August 27, 2012

thank you this is a wonderful lesson Reply

william fink iii August 27, 2012

Grateful convert Rabbi, Thank you for teaching Tanya in a manner, which promotes the will to serve G-d as we are commanded. Best Wishes always, Reply

Liliana Paris, France April 11, 2012

Tanya and Self-Realization This lesson, the first is an excellent introduction to people looking for real/genuine paths of self -realization;
according to psychologists like Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers only 10 % of the world population is really committed to following the path of great achievement and personal realization.
becoming a God- realizaed being deeply committed to a purpose and noble ideal in face of all obstacoles and sharp opposition is by no means an easy task to do yet I find enjoyable and possible in my unique jewish way accompanied as I am by Tanya and Rabbi's Krasnianski's lessons! Reply

Anonymous March 15, 2012

Tanya: Title Page Thank you, Rabbi Krasnianski. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn ny January 22, 2012

tanya thank you for the clarity and for simplifing this deep concept and making applicable to my daily life Reply

Mr. Rodney Welch December 24, 2011

Student i really hope each and everyone of us will enter Jerusalem with his/her own feet. Reply

Anonymous Brescia, Italy September 23, 2011

"+39 120777... Hello?" "I am your G-d..." Dear Rabbi, the lesson is great and exactly what I needed right now.
What a coincidence! or not? Hopefully Hashèm is dialing my number... I am here to answer, with your help, and your guide.
Thanks a lot Rabbi for guiding me and all the others along the path. i really hope each and everyone of us will enter Jerusalem with his/her own feet. Reply

esther nrth November 25, 2010

thank you! i really grasp the Tanya the way this teacher gives it over Reply

Moshe January 6, 2010

Thank you! Great Class Reply

Study Tanya, the fundamental work of Chassidus, with these clear and well-explained lessons.
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