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Tanya Navigator
Study Tanya, the fundamental work of Chassidus, with these clear and well-explained lessons.

Lessons in Tanya

Lessons in Tanya

Text-based Study of the Book of Tanya


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Discussion (2)
September 25, 2011
Rabbi Ben-Tzion Krasnianski has opened
my mind, heart and soul with his Tanya series. I now ascribe to be a Benoni every day....he has shown me to continue to seek G-d in everywhere I look, and all that I do. Best of all, he has taught me that we do not just try to make evil inclination in ourselves leave (which is impossible in this material world) but Hashem wants us to channel that evil force into good....thank you Rabbi Ben-Tzion Kransianski for your words and your wisdom through Tanya.
bellevue, WA
June 14, 2010
The Richness of Tanya
Every so often one comes upon a book that truly distills vast amounts of truth into a rich, understanable and practical format. Tanya is just such a book.
Reading Tanya is a very different experience than wading through Mishna or Talmud. Each chapter and each line is a gem waiting to be learned and appropriated, reflected upon and incorporated into daily life. These lectures are invaluable aids to learning from this treasure of Hassidic literature.
Thomas Volkema
New York, NY
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