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The Fun Holiday

The Fun Holiday


Purim, celebrated on the 14th of Adar, is the wildest, most action-packed day of the Jewish year. 2400 years ago, Haman, the Persian prime-minister, persuaded King Ahasuerus to issue a decree ordering the extermination of all the Jews. Mordechai, the leader of the Jews, rallied his people, urging them to unite in prayer and repentance. Meanwhile, his cousin Esther, who due to a miraculous chain of events was Ahasuerus' queen, lobbied the king to spare her people. Ahasuerus acceded to her request, Haman was sent to the gallows, Mordechai became new prime-minister, the Jews successfully defended themselves against their enemies, and... we celebrate!

Though we dress up in holiday finery, Purim doesn't feature holiday work restrictions. Nonetheless, all the better if you can take the day off from work and focus on the holiday and its mitzvot.

This wizard outlines this exciting holiday's basic laws and customs.

Note: If you are spending Purim in Jerusalem, the laws vary, click here for details.

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The Purim Story
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