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Prayer for the Sick

Prayer for the Sick


When the Torah reading is completed, prayers are offered for those seeking recovery from illness (misheberach). The congregants tell the sexton (Gabai) the sick person's name and mother's name preferably in Hebrew, i.e., Rivka bat Sara.

An interesting item to note: Prayers for the sick reference the sick person's mother's name and prayers for someone who is receiving an aliyah reference the person's father's name. According to Jewish law, a father's name is like a surname, used only for the purpose of identification. A mother, however, is associated with life and the soul.

Readings and Resources
Psalms and Jewish Prayer for Healing
Based on materials by Kehot Publications, Beth Tefillah of Atlanta, Georgia, the Dawn & Keith Rinzler Philanthropic Fund and other sources. Compiled by Dovid Zaklikowski.
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