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Jewish Prayer Services

Jewish Prayer Services


Prayer is the service of the heart, and is one of the many ways that love of G‑d is expressed.

Although one may pray in private, praying with a congregation has always traditionally been preferable. Every effort should be made to join a congregation in prayer.

Many pray while swaying back and forth. This is a traditional aspect of Jewish prayer, which has mystical origins and significance. One interpretation is that during prayer the soul is considered to be attempting to connect with its divine source, and is compared to the flame of a candle, which flickers back and forth as it reaches upward. Another interpretation is that we should involve our entire being in the prayer experience.

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Based on materials by Kehot Publications, Beth Tefillah of Atlanta, Georgia, the Dawn & Keith Rinzler Philanthropic Fund and other sources. Compiled by Dovid Zaklikowski.
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